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  1. warbirdlover

    KBS TD Driver shaft review

    Read my Callaway Epic Max golf club review for some background. I have been hitting lighter weight shafts this summer and in the reg/stiff range flex. I've hit some long ones for me but have had some problems when I get a little too much "on it". My theory was I needed to go back to stiff...
  2. warbirdlover

    Callaway Epic Max driver

    I'm on a roll!!! :) Since my Srixon ZX5 driver was the same distance as the TaylorMade Sim Max but far more forgiving I sold the Sim. It was like after the honeymoon is over the bride starts eating bon bons and gets chubby and can't do all the stuff previously. That left a huge "void" in my...
  3. warbirdlover


    So I'm hitting my TM Sim Max outstanding and what do I do? Yup, bought one of these. In any case here is the review. I got it with the same Project X Evenflow Riptide 50 5.5 flex shaft as the Sim because that shaft is just perfect for me. Great driver! Just as long as the Sim Max Just as...
  4. warbirdlover

    PGA pros height

    I was surprised. Some of the ones I thought were really short weren't and some of the ones I thought were tall were taller. https://www.foxsports.com/golf/golfers?association=1&teamId=0&season=2021&position=0&page=19&country=0&grouping=0&weightclass=0
  5. warbirdlover

    Angel Cabrera arrested

    Golfer Cabrera arrested in Rio for extradition to homeland
  6. warbirdlover

    My new 55° Wedge

    Got a new wedge head from Monark Golf and a graphite shaft for it. Turned out pretty good (I think). Very nice looking head. Cost me less then $25 to build (had the grip).
  7. warbirdlover

    TaylorMade SIM Max Review

    Got this new yesterday. 10.5° with stiff Mitsubishi Diamana S LTD 60 shaft. Played it today. Started out over-swinging and expecting 300 yard drives before I settled down and started swinging smoother. All I can say is it meets the hype. My partners jaws were bouncing off the ground when I...
  8. warbirdlover

    Inazone "arm lock" putter review

    I bought one of these on Ebay to see how they worked. Very impressive. Easy to keep on line. Still have to get a better feel for distance but it was worth the $69. Inazone Armbar Armlock Design Putter - Winn Black 15" Grip | eBay
  9. warbirdlover

    Graphite Design YS SIX nano reloaded shaft

    Well I finally got this together and played it today after the first shaft was destroyed by the post office. I didn't expect much as I've been hitting the Accuflex Creation great this year. Boy was I pleasantly surprised. This shaft was mid-launch so I set it up (floed) to use the 10.5d°...
  10. warbirdlover

    Driver Shaft "Tipping"

    On a new driver shaft all the shaft manufacturers don't recommend "tipping" a driver shaft. Yet many do tip them. Is there something to be gained by doing this? Do you tip yours? Do you have to be good for it to help? Just trying to further my understanding of all this stuff. Thanks.
  11. warbirdlover

    Review of Accuflex Assassin II shaft

    Just got the adapter for my Cobra today and got it glued. Should be ready by 4:00 tomorrow but not in time to use it this weekend. Sunday is rain. Have had such good luck with the Accuflex Creation I just HAD to try this one. And it was only $34 plus shipping. If it's a dud not much lost...
  12. warbirdlover

    Hard Seltzer

    Has anyone tried this stuff and if so is it any good. What's the best if you like it. Would you rather have a beer?
  13. warbirdlover

    Goofy friends (other then yourself) you've known

    I used to play golf with a gentleman from work who's name was also Jerry. He was a chain smoker. He retired a couple years before me after his wife died of cancer. I saw him once in awhile on the golf course golfing with an oxygen tank on his back..... and a cigarette in his mouth. I always...
  14. warbirdlover

    Big10 Title Game

    I hope Wisconsin wins but then of course the "experts" will remove OSU from the championship series and stick in some SEC team. So if they win great, if they lose oh well.
  15. warbirdlover

    Want to know your swing speed?

    All you do is record your swing in slow motion and they'll tell you. Video Get Fit
  16. warbirdlover

    Anyone know about these or something better?

    Since I can't golf for a few months I'm going to build myself a new set of irons (5-PW). I think it would be cool to play a set I made. So what do you think of these iron heads and these shafts and if you know of something better "splain" yourself. Thanks. Maltby ST-i Iron Heads Grafalloy...
  17. warbirdlover

    Golf shafts I like

    This summer I've got the capability to change grips either with solvent or air and also install or change shafts. Doing this I've found I can take a ho-hum driver and completely change how it plays. I'm just going to put down some exceptional shafts I've found doing this and leave it open for...
  18. warbirdlover

    Pin In or Out?

    Pin in by a landslide. TESTED: Flagstick In or Flagstick Out?
  19. warbirdlover

    Petrifying Springs

    Used to be a member here when I lived in Racine and was still working. Nice course and cheap.
  20. warbirdlover

    Gonna build me a 4-iron

    I have a gap in my yardage that I can't find a club to work. I've tried hybrids and irons. My AP1 set did not come with a 4-iron so I found some cheap super forgiving components. Here's the stuff to make it. If it doesn't work I'm not out much. I fixed a broken shaft on one of sssmokin's...