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    Underdogs of Golf (clubs)

    Today played with a seasoned good player. Not sure if his score, but I’d be suprised if it was over about 82, probably in the 70’s. Irons … Warriors. Saw him hit the 4 iron easily 220, 230. cool to watch. Guy was a putting robot too. 20, 30 footers that ended up a few inches or a foot from the cup.
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    oh just a PGA Superstore story.

    ill try to keep it short.. while I was waiting for the person I wanted to work with on a new shaft for my Cobra, another employee of the bays asked what help I needed. After saying I was there to try different shafts, he said: "oh we don't have any shafts to fit that" - although all he...
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    Calling all driver shaft gurus!

    Ok question will be about tourqe specs. 1. Hitting an R9 pretty well not many slices. Shaft Accra S2, M4 65, Stiff. About . 5 inch short. tourqe shown as 2.5, low mid. 2. took cobra speed zone topga hit several shafts. None that I can afford. Seemingly best one was Tensi AV Blue 65, stiff...
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    Golfers elbow

    Any thing I can buy to help with the inside elbow pain ? Right elbow. Hurts really bad within a few holes of golf.
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    Search and post dates

    Noticed that when doing a basic search the posts are not ordered by date. As in say, if 5 pages worth the last page could have posts that are recent. So that’s an little weird lol
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    Driver.. swing fast as can and the push/slice goes away ?

    Hmmmmmm. somewhat frustrated and also not caring, while on the course and heck with nothing to lose.. Started swinging that sucka as fast on the downswing as I could, although not so crazy hard that I lose balance or look ridiculous... dam ball went straight. sometimes even left. sheesh...
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    Typical local courses, area around the green

    I have been to a number of courses that in general are ok, to good. But it seems there are good number of these course with lousy runoff-overshoot. The kind where you lose the ball. And the cart path is too close. What gets my goat is that for quite a few of these greens, they had room to...
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    Joining the tour, I am

    Welcome to the MGA Perfect. Joined.
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    I have found my internet club reviewer

    National Club Golfer what’s not to like ? semi spoiler the golf person swings 95 mph not 105+ You tube it
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    Sad but true

    I’m generally a freindly sort. So on the driving range these past few days, I have let others hit these Hogan demo irons, Today the only other person there was 25+ fellow. I could hear his golf balls dinging off the metal buildings to his extreme right lol. still though... I offered up after a...
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    Fred Couples 3 wood

    I guess he still plays that Ft-i square way club. Pretty cool I think. Like watching current video interviews of the guy. Doesn’t say much, but seems like there is a wealth of advice in just one or three sentences. Had an Ft-i driver but did not have enough skill to use it properly. Kinda...
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    New Cleveland H. Beach putter

    Oh I am liking it very much! 7years since I last played. The only thing that worked today was the putter. Really surprised how well it seemed to work!! A lot of two putts.
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    The problem with society

    Of Golf. no one is sporting a hat like Sam Snead’s Where have we gone wrong ? Who can we blame ? At least Mr. DeChambeau has the Hogan style going for him!!!
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    Do you take that Divot with your Irons?

    Wondering how many here do, And what was your practice routine or did you find a you tube video in particular that helped Have been watching videos lol. I don’t chicken wing, But I also don’t get that backspin making divot. In the years past I have a good half dozen instructors, only one I...
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    Interesting shaft wiggle on Ping Driver

    Was browsing the Latest Ping drivers at the store yesterday. R flex shafts. Held it out kind of at arms length just looking at, wiggle wagged it a bit, and WOW, the head really flexes band forth very noticeably. Way more than the R shafts in my old Cobra S9 and an Adams speed line. I should go...
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    best you tube vids

    Anything with an F1 Motor revving and red hot
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    no golf for 2 or 3 days

    Raining. bummer. At least the course will get greener. Will get some rest. Good time to start a mild stretching and workout routine.
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    Way to go, Jordan!

    Great playoff, awesome. What a great thing to watch a little history made !
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    golf things seen today

    not as wild or funny, as some but good anyway. the 1st tee Squirrel. Evidently, it is now tame. came up to me to be feed. proceeded to hop up into the Cart to forage... "The Whole Course Player" A Dad and Son. I am guessing it was juniors day to golf and Dad just drove the Cart. Somehow...
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    anyone playing 43.5" driver

    old school short-shafted anyone ? right now I am at 45. Have a old adams XTD. thinking of a Mamiya pro force shaft that's on sale at golfsmith. got the club for $39, has a Mamiya red series 79, Tour Stiff ! get it cut to 44 or 43.5 also real tempted to get a fitted Wishon, driver, then sell...