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Search results

  1. MercMan

    Chambers Bay 2015 US Open site

    Anyone played there? I'm going down at the end of the month, can't wait
  2. MercMan

    Opinions best wedge

    need some input on wedges, I like lots of spin, Vokey? Fourteen?
  3. MercMan

    Brunswick FM 6.5 .370 tip

    Does anyone have any of these kicking around? I would like to get another set just in case I break one of my shafts. Thanks Brian
  4. MercMan

    FT Tour VS FT "Tour Issue"

    anyone know the difference? Is there a difference?:emot-angel:
  5. MercMan

    Best GPS/Range finder/Cell phone software

    Hi I have been looking into a laser range finder/GPS/smartphone software. need some opinions good/bad or indifferent. Skycaddie? Laser range finder? Free smartphone software? Any one using these please chime in. Thanks Brian
  6. MercMan

    Nippon NS Pro

    Anyone playing these shaft's? heard they are very good, ordered a set to install in my extra set of Bridgestone Cavity back's. The clubs I am using rite now are the same heads with Brunswick FM 6.5's, I am very happy with these shaft's, but they stopped making them years ago, tried the rifle...
  7. MercMan

    IOMIC Grips

    Anyone playing Iomic Grips? Tried a friends clubs with them and couldn't believe the difference, rolled the club in the wet grass, gave it a quick wipe with an already moist golf towel, and gave it a swing, unbelievable, they actually felt sticky, immediately ordered a set. Can't wait to...
  8. MercMan

    Ball Recommendations???

    Can someone advise me on what kind of ball I should be using, the technology has changed alot in the 11 years since I played. Just started back at the game after 11 years off, used to play Rexstar/Bridgestone 100 compression ballata's, and played off of a 4-8 handicap. I use Bridgestone Forged...
  9. MercMan

    Hi All

    Look's like a nice Forum. Just got back into golf this year after a long 11 year lay-off. Going to work away at the driving range this winter to get back down to a mid single by next summer. Lot's of work to do to get back to my regular long smooth swing, but its coming along, had some high...