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  1. IrishGolfer

    Ryder Cup - Whistling Straits

    I'm really looking forward to this next week. On paper, the US team should annihilate the European team. But it never seems to work like that. For some reason, the US team doesn't seem to gel as a team. Brooks, Bryson, Cantaly all seem to have issues with each other. The US Ryder Cup stalwart...
  2. IrishGolfer

    We just got TopTracer at our range

    I was at my local range last night to swat a few. They just got a new TopTracer system in. It was all new last night, staff were running around trying to help people get going. I must say, it is impressive. Instant data, quite consistent. I did notice that the yardages were out and spoke to the...
  3. IrishGolfer

    Solheim Cup

    Very quiet on here!!!
  4. IrishGolfer


    Shouting this out will get me ejected from a tournament as it disrespects BDC? Please discuss.
  5. IrishGolfer

    What a shot!

    As some of you know I have been looking after our club's junior golf team for the last few years, this is my final year. Our big tournament every year is a 5-man team regional knock-out. It is U18 boys, matches played all flat (no handicaps). I have a young squad this year, with handicaps of 2...
  6. IrishGolfer

    RORS is back!

    Glad to see him in the winner's circle again. Too good to not be up there. Hopefully, this is a turn in fortunes for him. Expect a strong showing next week at Kiawah Isalnd.
  7. IrishGolfer

    Club-building - Technical help required.

    I'm trying to put new shafts into old heads. My 4 iron and 6 iron are done and are perfect, the shafts go in about 1 and 1/4". The rest come up about 1/4" short of going fully in. On closer examination, the remaining heads all have some (rock) hardened glue wedged into the bottom of the hosel...
  8. IrishGolfer

    Going graphite

    As of a few week's time, everything in my bag, bar my putter, will be graphite shafted. I'm trying a spread of weights of the new Rapid Taper shafts from Xcaliber in the irons as follows: 4-6 - 75g 7-8 - 85g 9-PW 95g This increasing of weight has been tried and tested and seems to make sense...
  9. IrishGolfer

    Nothing feels like a 'Zuno!

    I scored a gorgeous set of Mizuno MP57s for almost nothing. The is a small ding on the sole of the PW, not visible at address, outside that they are mint. I took them out yesterday for a spin. A few observations: They look amazing, I feel like a Total Playa! The lofts are incredibly weak...
  10. IrishGolfer

    Woods Inc.

    Wow! The mercury has risen in terms of interest in the father / son tournament this coming weekend. I just read a WITB post for Charlie Woods, Tiger's kid. He is 11!!! I've seen the swing and it is silky smooth, but what comes of this media intention? I know the back story. Tiger was on TV at...
  11. IrishGolfer

    1 club challenge

    The Open was held in Portrush last year. Bubba Watson stayed in my town Portstewart. During the week he played a 1 club challenge round our Town Couse with his besties. He tweeted it... https://twitter.com/bubbawatson/status/1151536200097787906?s=20 Anyways, our junior convenor contacted Bubba...
  12. IrishGolfer

    Peter Allis - RIP

    He was known as the "voice of golf", he passed at the weekend and tributes have been pouring in. He was a great servant of the game. A player of note who won multiple times (more if he could have putted) before turning his attention to broadcasting. I grew up watching golf and listening to his...
  13. IrishGolfer

    Putting lesson anyone?

    I've been playing this game for over 40 years and never had a putting lesson. While I figure I'm decent on the short stuff, one of my regular playing partners got fitted for a new putter and he was "lasered" up. He's decent with the flat stick but according to the data, he had a bunch of angles...
  14. IrishGolfer

    2 week lockdown

    Our local politicians have decided to close everything apart from essential services for the next fortnight as a circuit breaker strategy. Despite all the safeguards currently in place, golf is out. There is not much logic behind the decision, 100 people over 100 acres, not touching any surfaces...
  15. IrishGolfer

    XCaliber shafts

    Hi guys, As some of you may know I am quite friendly with Robin Arthur from XCaliber Golf Shafts. He is the original guy behind Grafalloy's ProLite shaft and has been in the business for ~30 years. I originally interviewed him for an article and we became friends since. There's very little he...
  16. IrishGolfer

    Wot, no US Masters Challenge!?

    C'mon Tea, get it sorted lad!!
  17. IrishGolfer

    Tommy Fleetwood

    This kid has been around for a while. He has always impressed me with his attitude and his game. A rising star with Major potential. I heard an interview with him last week which just stunned me. He had just come off the 3rd round of the Scottish Open, played just outside Edinburgh. It was a...
  18. IrishGolfer

    TM SIM Max Review

    I got a "lend" of a TM Sim Max with a UST Proforse V2 shaft and have now hit it several times, both on the course and at the range. It is a funny shape but man, that thing is a rocket launcher! Plenty forgiving, with a solid (almost dull) thwack. The ball flight is amazing. The Cobra is scared...
  19. IrishGolfer

    Need a little help

    I'm going to switch the shafts in my TM SLDRs from KBS C-Taper 90 shafts to Nippon Modus NS Pro. I have everything prepped and ready to go. But here's the problem. The new shafts are 0.335 and the old ones are 0.350. It's only a small difference but the head slightly rattles round in the hosel...
  20. IrishGolfer

    WTF - starting to hit it sideways!

    I went to the range last night, primarily to try my new hybrid Cobra F9 19 degrees. I've been playing well for most of the year, my swing really starting to work. I had a lesson a few weeks ago, but it was mostly fine-tuning. And on Tuesday night my putting came alight! My confidence was rising...