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  1. PaPaD

    The only thing worse than having a cold.....

    .....is having a cold in the summer. Ugh......
  2. PaPaD

    Made an ACE today!

    4th lifetime hole in one. #3 on The Oaks at Citrus Hills. 9 iron to a 125y pin. Landed on the green, spun to the right, rolled about 10 feet, hit the pin and dropped!
  3. PaPaD

    How do you PB&J?

    Need to know!
  4. PaPaD

    How many iron sets will Steve (PapaD) buy this year (2020)?

    Choose one and vote.
  5. PaPaD

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Enjoy your day, guys. Hope you get some family time and overeat while watching football. Don't forget to count your blessings!
  6. PaPaD

    PING Eye 2 iron set

    SOLD Hard to find a nicer set of these classics! Blue dot, original ZZ Lite shafts in great shape. 20th Anniversary Win Tan grips. Prosoft inserts. 3 thru W plus a PING Eye 2 Gorge SW. $125 Shipped. Pics attached below.SOLD
  7. PaPaD

    Ryder Cup Tickets

    We entered the lottery We got selected to be eligible to buy We got the web access code for on-line purchase We logged on the date and time we were instructed We were entered into the waiting queue We waited 1 hour and 17 minutes and out turn came up We were directed to the ticket purchase web...
  8. PaPaD

    Best Instructional Video - EVER!

  9. PaPaD

    Knee replacement this morning

    All went well, fellas. As Greg said, hardly anybody dies from this surgery. They used an epidural instead of general anesthesia so the wake up is sweet. No grogginess. In recovery now, discharge tomorrow.
  10. PaPaD

    Hey Limp! I'm in Kansas today and tomorrow!

    Working Wed AM in Independence, MO, so actually I'm just near Kansas. Either way, I didn't wear any Broncos apparel! You will see this post faster than usual because we're so close!
  11. PaPaD

    WGC Match play

    Quarterfinals: Kisner and Molinari are for real Tiger can't putt the short ones Sergio is SUCH a dick.......
  12. PaPaD

    TM RBZ driver NICE!

    10.5* R flex, M1 headcover, no tool. Nice shape. GP Tour Velvet midsize grip. This is still a bomber! How about $75 shipped.
  13. PaPaD

    New Grandbaby!

    #9 just arrived! A Boy! No specs or model name yet, but watch for pics, loft, lie, length soon! Little bugger was born on PaPaD's half-birthday!
  14. PaPaD

    Taylormade R1 driver for sale

  15. PaPaD

    Happy Thanksgiving!

    Enjoy your day forum buddies!!
  16. PaPaD

    I quit ho-ing.............

    What are my chances?
  17. PaPaD

    Baseline Golf Course, Ocala, FL (Bellview).

    A beautiful par 64 executive course. No par 5s - mostly 3's and 4's. This place is landscaped like a high-end course and the turf is top notch. Sand is perfect, greens roll true. At $29 for 18 with a cart it's a steal. No Tee Times - just pay and get in line. Course was busy but we had no...
  18. PaPaD

    G400 Max Driver

    I returned the G400 SFT demo club and took out the G400 Max today. 10.5 * loft, Soft Regular Alta CB shaft. I usually don't fall for the hype, but this club could be where driver ho-ing goes to die. Fairwaysplitter has been singing it's praises and I was secretly rolling my eyes (sorry Nick)...
  19. PaPaD

    Cleveland Altitude 588 Driver - MINT!

    SOLD - R Flex Matrix Radix shaft. No mods, all stock. No headcover. Near new condition. SOLD
  20. PaPaD

    Nice set of Maltby Forgings - CHEAP

    Maltby MPC Forged. 5-GW with Grafalloy Pro Launch Blue Axis R Flex shafts and new DTG Velvet grips. Std loft, lie, length. Great shape. 6i and GW are new heads (with 1 round) and the set includes an extra 6i head. $99 shipped CONUS,