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  1. J

    I went a little crazy

    I am with the military on course so I am making quite a bit of money, I end up going to golf town in Kingston and dropped 2 grand on new equipment. Driver - Ping I15 8 DEGREE, UST Mamiya Axivcore Tour X Flex An absolute cannon, I now know why I only flew my old G5 260 or so, it wasn't even...
  2. J

    Need help with driver specs

    I haven't golfed much last season but when I got heavy into it I went to golf town to get a driver. I told them I want 13 degree launch angle and 2800 rpm spin. So I get on the machine had a clubhead speed on of 115 and an average fly of 265-270 which is way off. The sacriest thing was my...
  3. J

    Jason Day Breakout

    This kid is ready to break out. I think he has the best swing on tour by far. It is short, compact, on plane and powerful. If his putting gets a little better he will be the next #1 player in the world.
  4. J

    Matt Hill (Canadian)

    Why isn't anyone talking about this kid. In my opinion he is the best amateur golfer on the planet. He just won the NCAA D1 Championship today, that gives him 8 wins on the college year (Tiger Woods only had 7 when he was a sophmore.) including 7 of his last 8 tournaments. Here is his record for...
  5. J

    Fixed Putting

    One night I was putting in my living room and I found out an absolutly huge flaw that caused me to miss quite a bit to the right, and in doing so, caused a flip of the wrists to counter the miss. This in turn caused me to miss left. When I putt I shift my weight slightly to the left. I don't...
  6. J

    Powermaximus 460cc Driver

    By far, by far, by far the best training aid I have ever used. I am a pretty good driver and shoot well when my timing is on. I was playing poor today early in the day hitting the driver a little erratic and irons off line. I went to the mail picked up my parcel and we had mens league tonight. I...
  7. J

    One of those rounds

    The NS Amateur is at Lingan this year and today I was playing there in the evening to get a feel for the course. It was windy and soft, we played from the tips which would be around 6800 and played much longer. I shot 72 with 6 birdies, a double and 4 bogies. My irons were perfect but my driver...
  8. J

    Stan Utley Book

    This guy is a genius, I was gone to Kingston for a week so I just got in last night and my book was waiting for me. I read the chapter on the grip and posture and that alone turned my putting stroke from ragged and twitchy into smooth as possible. I'm not quite hitting my line just because I...
  9. J

    My New Putting method

    In the last hour I have come up with a new method after watching a couple of Moe Norman videos on youtube, one where he sets up to the ball with the clubhead atleast a foot and a half behind it. His reasoning is quite simple, would can't take it inside, its good for tempo and you can't come out...
  10. J

    Best Book Ever

    My dad was in Florida and picked up quite possible the holy grail of golf books. It is Golf Magazine's Complete Book of Golf Instruction. This book is 350+ pages of every golf swing, every grip, every stance, every putting style. After you read this book you will be sure to hit the ball like...
  11. J

    Spin Rate

    I have noticed I am putting far too much spin on all my shots this year and wondered how I could make a simple change that won't cause a huge difference ion my swing and ball flight. My 5 and 3 irons are getting caught in the wind much easier then last year and I have a feeling my drives are...
  12. J


    I have read Sergio Garcia's book "Play Like Sergio Garcia" and took note some of the great fundamentals Sergio's dad Victor ingrained in his head at such a young age and some of us wonder why we aren't as consistant as tour pro's. I think 95% of that comes before we swing the club. I really am...
  13. J

    Sergio Garcia's Swing

    The last 2 monthes I have been doing a lot of research on Sergio's swing. I just bought his book yesterday in an effort to transform my swing into his which is quite possibly the most efficient ball striker of this era. From what I gather so far here are the points of his swing, there are...
  14. J

    World Golf Tour

    Something I always thought would be interesting would be if they had one tour which played at all the best golf courses all over the world. The level of golf would be at an all time high and the top players would be forced to play all types of golf. I would also like the golf courses set up...
  15. J

    Goals in 2008

    Everyone must have a certain set of goals in 2008, both tournament wise and game improvement wise. Here are a list of my goals this year including how to get there: Average under 30 putts per round This could be the most difficult of all my challenges since I am such a bad putter as it is. I...
  16. J

    Finally Figured It Out

    It only took 10 years of golfing to finally figure out my biggest problem in golf, well maybe second biggest. I always was a good iron player but a poor driver of the ball and a poor wood player. This hurt me many times on par 5's where my score would be much higher then it should have been. I...
  17. J

    NS Amateur

    I have been playing in the Nova Scotia amateur this week...done two rounds, barley made the cut. Party to blame is the fact that work didn't give me my days off and I am working back shift every night. Shot a horrible 82 the first round on a tough seaview course then in 45km winds today shot a...
  18. J

    Long irons

    Just wondering if anyone has visual problems with playing their longer irons off the front part of their stance (moreso then short irons). So far this year I am hitting every club pure but my 2, 3, 4 and 5 iron. I didn't have a problem with them last year but I did have a 15 yard draw which...
  19. J

    Draw or Fade

    First, what is your natural shot shape and what do you do to curve the ball both ways under pressure. Since I switched to a Cleveland Launcher Ti 460 I have been hitting a high long draw 270-275 fly. First club I ever had with the correct shaft for me. When I want to hit a draw or fade I...
  20. J

    First round of the year

    In winds gusting up to 60 km per hour today I shot a respectable 73 today with 5 birdies and 6 bogies. On a 350 yard hole I hit driver 6 iron and came 5 feet short. I hit my driver well till my legs got a little weak, irons were perfect, chipping was ass and putting was good. Still won 6...