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  1. Clugnut

    Tour Edge Exotics CB1 15 degree 3 wood

    OK, I tried one of these again. Solid as a mofo, but just not my style. Condition is a solid 8/10, the top is beautiful. Shaft is a Graffalloy Prolite 4.5R. This is a mid launch launcher. Grip is a newer multi compound/ white in color. Pictures are forthcoming; I will look for the camera...
  2. Clugnut

    Steve Williams.....

    just said that in 33 years of caddying, the win this week is the best of his career. Wow, that's quite a statement.
  3. Clugnut

    Hybrid ideas

    I've gone a while without a hybrid now, and I miss them. I am looking for something different, something that palys out of the rough and fairway. I think I'm looking for something in the 5 wood/ 2-3 iron slot, probably 19-20 degrees. Decent looks and easy to hit are a must, and cheap is a...
  4. Clugnut

    Hey Chemboy!

    Happy birthday buddy!
  5. Clugnut

    Best story ever!

    Text message blows up suicide bomber by accident Merry frickin' New Years!
  6. Clugnut

    WTB S300 wood shaft

    I'm looking for a fairway wood shaft. TT S300 .335 tip, at least 41 inches. I need it for a 3 wood. Thanks
  7. Clugnut

    Drill advice please

    Does anyone have a good drill to practice releasing the club head? After playing this whole season puking out 230 yard drives and hitting 7 iron from 150, I have figured out what is going on. I've been playing this hold on cut all year, and I'm sick of it. I'm tired of bunting when I know I'm...
  8. Clugnut

    OK, let's try with pics and prices!

    All prices PP/ shipped CONUS. Will gladly combine shipping or ship to our overseas friends, pm for quotes. Feel free to make an offer. 1. Mizuno MP-60 4-pw: Dynamic Gold SL S300, Lamkin Crossline cords in nice condition. Standard LLL, 38 inch 5 iron.These are in very nice condition. Very...
  9. Clugnut

    WTB R7 ST and a shaft

    I know someone on here had an R7 ST 3 wood for sale. I believe it was SC golfer, but I'm not sure. Anyway, if someone out there has one they'd like to part with, LMK. Also, I am in need of a driver shaft. .335 tip, probably S flex, depending on what it is. Three wood pulls will work as...
  10. Clugnut

    For sale....

    About anything in my sig below. My wife went to work and took the camera with her, so I can't do pics right now. 3 wood, hybrid, irons and wedges are definitely FS. Heck, I'd sell the bag right now if someone wanted. Pictures will be up shortly. LMK if you are interested in anything.
  11. Clugnut

    Maybe someone here?

    This is probably more for chuckles, but here we go! For your consideration is a beautiful 1992 Chevrolet Corvette. This is a standard coupe, with only 52,500 miles. It is Corvette Yellow exterior and light beige interior. This is an extremely rare color combination, with only three produced...
  12. Clugnut

    Tiger= No joy

    Its sad. Tiger is playing a nice round right now, even through 8. But, he is not happy with anything. Its a shame. I think this is the first time I have felt bad for him. I can't imagine what is going on between his ears.
  13. Clugnut

    Did you ever know you were going to play great?

    Played Wednesday night as usual. Finally got a round back at my home. I was standing on the putting green, and it just felt like it was going to be a great day. I was putting and chipping well. The wind was blowing the right way to make the course easier. It was hot and the fairways were...
  14. Clugnut

    Callaway X-Tour irons, X Forged wedges

    OK, I think I'm going to go with the Mizuno's, so that means the Cally's are up for sale. Callaway X Tour irons: 3-pw, standard LLL. True Temper S300 and GP DD2 red grips. Condition is 6.5/10. Most wear on sweet spot of the 7 iron. Bag chatter on all. Not the cleanest, but very functional...
  15. Clugnut

    Problem with signature

    I can't update my siggy. When I put in a smallish WITB, I get this: Errors The following errors occurred with your submission Your signature cannot be longer than 1000 characters including BB code markup I don't know anything about "BB code markup", but I'll be darned if I entered more...
  16. Clugnut

    Does the wind negatively effect your flight, downwind?

    Since I live in the US and play mostly in the evenings, I almost never play in the wind. When I do, its a mess. Anyway, the wind knocking the ball down when you're hitting right into it makes sense. But, I seemingly have the same problem downwind. I played a 36 hole tourney on Saturday...
  17. Clugnut

    WTF was that!!!!

    Did you see that piece of something fall in front of Phil's putt on the 2nd? That is one of the craziest things I've ever seen!
  18. Clugnut

    A perfect way to start Master's Sunday

    Since I have had an epic fail with my pics, I decided to enjoy the ST mug I already have.
  19. Clugnut

    Clugnut's annual "Which driver next?" question

    Why oh why can't I find a driver I can stick with? I think that I might have figured it out. The look I prefer is not one that matches my skill level. Also, if I try to hit up on the ball, I end up with a nasty, high cutter that goes nowhere, mainly because of a reverse pivot. So, I think I need...
  20. Clugnut

    Moving the extras for the tax man and credit card sale!

    So after a room remodel gone wild, I'm going to try to move a few extra's to help cover the inbound CC bill. All prices are shipped/ paypalled CONUS, and I am happy to ship overseas if the buyer is willing to cover the actual shipping. 1. Project X 6.5 flighted: 3-pw, .355 taper. These are cut...