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  1. Matthew_22

    How Much Do You Spend On...?

    Ok, so how much do you spend on extra golf products every year? Now I don't mean balls and tees and clubs, I mean how much do you spend on items that you really don't need but want anyway. Such as: books videos training tools novelty items and so on...
  2. Matthew_22

    Your One Stop For Golf Tips

    I've just compiled a short list of helpful instructional sites that will hopefully help out a lot of you. If anyone has anything else they would like to add, feel free to do so and we can hopefully create a thread (or maybe a sticky!) that anyone can use as a directory to find the answer to...
  3. Matthew_22

    Just introducing myself

    Hi, my name is Matthew Roberts, I have already posted a few messages on this forum, and just thought I'd introduce myself. I have been playing golf for about 3 years, and have only broke 100 once, but I am starting to get really serious about the game now. I am reading and learning a lot more...