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    i would call this an improvement... how about you?

    i recently purchased a set of adams tight lies tour irons. the kind tom watson used in the early 2000s. and while i like them a lot the backs are really ugly. so here is a before and after. let me know what you think.
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    some new stuff i purchased and traded for.

    Callaway #9 series mallet style putter when i was at the store i putter with it for a bit and just fell in love with the feel of this putter. so i bought it. Nickent 3DX Pros with project x 7.0s i bought these off of ebay because i wanted to try my hand at x flex shafts. and when i went and...
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    rifle project x 7.0s

    i may be the stupidest ho in the history of golf lol... i just bought a set of nickent 3dx pro irons with rifle project x 7.0s thats telephone pole stiff shafts im pretty sure... and im pretty sure ill have a doozy of time trying to hit them.... does everyone here sometimes buy things that are...
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    this is what i just bought...

    Nickent Genex 3DX IRONWOOD 20 deg 3 Hybrid Purple ICE X - eBay (item 300206355841 end time Mar-17-08 19:06:31 PDT) my family and everyone i know thinks im addicted to golf club buying and selling like its crack... i do it a lot i know... but i only do it when i think its a good deal... and...
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    Dear Ezra

    Since you traded me for the sonartec 3 wood my driver has not seen much use. i used it once through out 9 holes yesterday and i hit it well just not well enough to not use that amazing club you traded me. ive been hitting 250ish non stop its just my go to club off the tee. i honestly think ive...
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    selling nike ignites on ebay.

    nike ignite irons - eBay (item 290213465353 end time Mar-15-08 09:16:10 PDT) theres the link if you are interested. pictures are included. any questions then pm me or ask on here. thanks for checking it out.
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    some clubs for sale.

    nike ignites 4-pw steel stiff shaft - $200 shipped. reid lockhart blade irons 3 - pw steel stiff shaft - $100 shipped adams rpm 15* 3 wood stiff shaft only hit one ball ever! $50 shipped adams insight driver stiff shaft 10.5* only hit in my back yard $90 shipped. tommy armour hybrid...
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    this is amazing... i think

    YouTube - Paul Smith & James Ramsey this guy is just a beast. this is what ill be working on for a long time to come.
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    finally brian gay gets it done.

    i have considered him to be the best player without a win for a long time. well him and brett quigley im sure there are more but brian gay is a pretty consistent player. ive always known him to be a rather short hitter but he really got it done this week. props to brian gay on his first win ever...
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    buy my stuff... or at least look anyway

    well im selling stuff because i just got new irons and im a ho and i need new wedges to go with lol. so im selling everything it seems... i will accept paypal or a money order. reid lockhart 3-pw firm shaft lampkin crossline grips only used 2 rounds and some range work $100 shipped...
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    im looking for a low launching driver shaft

    anyone got anything for me. something stiff borderline xstiff would be great im not looking to spend more than 50ish. but it depends on whats offered... any ideas would be great. something heavier say 90 grams. im more of a trajectory control kind of guy and as far as my driver goes i like to...
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    aldila gamer shaft

    is it any good? im kind of interested in a heaveier shaft like a 90 or so gram shaft unless you guys have anything you are willing to offer up at a reasonable rate. thanks!
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    adams golf!

    so im 21 years old. i love golf more than anything in my life. im a 8 handicap i cant putt... my whole life ive played blade irons but just this year ive decided to rory sabbatini it up and play everything game improvement. for some reason i just feel like this is a good move for me. i was a...
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    bending a 5 to a 4?

    what would that change in the clubs performance aside from the distance i would get... im thinking about getting the adams a3 set and get 2 5 irons instead of the hybrids and just bend one of the 5s to a 4 and putting a piece of lead tape on the bottom of the club so i could tell the difference...
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    wanted! nike ignit irons

    if you have or know of anyone wanting to sell or trade their nike ignite irons stiff steel shaft preferably... i will trade: mizuno mp14, wilson pi5, or reid lockhart blade irons. i will also pay some cash also. i am very interested in buying or trading for these clubs so someone cut me a...
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    prolaunch blue

    is this a bad shaft? i mean i like it but i havent been playing for very long i am an incredibly low ball hitter and it definitely helps me get the ball in the air with my hybrid and 3 wood. my driver is still low to mid ball flight no problem with the loft i mean im not slicing it all over the...
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    game improvement/ forged mb irons...

    well lets see here... right now i have mizuno mp 14 and wilson pi5 irons... im good with them but i know if i got the new wilson ci7s id be able to hit them a little further with probably the same amount of control... i mean pga players are doing it more now than ever... so im wondering do you...
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    offset on clubs?

    how does offset or little offset affect the clubs? i have no idea... explain offset to me.... is just something im just now trying to understand. thanks...
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    reid lockhart blade irons. 3-pw

    cast they may be they are a beaut! standard lie and loft stiff shaft lampkin crossline grips literally only hit a handful of times. feel so solid when center hit. shorter blade length real precision sticks here! buyer to pay 100 dollars and id pay the shipping unless of...
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    adams rpm 3 wood.

    i am very seriously considering buying the adams rpm 3 wood but before i do i was wondering if i could get some pros and cons of this particular club from anyone who has hit and or is currently in possession of one. thanks a ton!