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  1. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    This is so ass-backwards from anything you were saying earlier. You were saying the club doesn't make the game easier. Now you're saying it does make the game easier, but that's okay because everyone had the same opportunity to use it? I've got to find a better use of my time. :confused:
  2. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    One of my major points is that it takes a lot of the mental / pressure aspect out of putting, because there is much less likelihood of that yippy wrist rotation creeping in to the movement. If we are all agreeing that it's not a disadvantage, "because everyone could use one," then I think...
  3. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    There are still variables, but there is, clearly, two less variables I can see. 1.) The force is applied in an entirely different manner. With a standard putter, the way the force is applied to strike the ball allows for the rotation of the hands/forearms and thusly a miss left or right even...
  4. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    Yes, they are. Logic is an art, and I guess it's unfair for me to expect that everybody has the same grasp on it. Like carpentry, it is an acquired skill. I can't build cabinets. But, I don't try to pretend I can build cabinets. I believe a sensible, rational person would read this thread and...
  5. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    Impressive commitment to not thinking. Carry on.
  6. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    1.) Technologically superior than legs, for sprinting. Period. 2.) I didn't ask if you had more control, I asked if it was EASIER. The answer is yes, it takes much less effort; it is easier. Accelerator, and brake, instead of accelerator, brake, and clutch. Don't over complicate it. 3.) I...
  7. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    Yes, and a belly putter won't help you drive the ball farther, or swim faster. It just helps you putt... Duh? If I recall, you also did not understand the advantage of the prosthetic "cheetah blades" that Pistorius used in the Olympics, right? Same premise. And the same flawed logic leading to...
  8. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    They putt well enough with it, I guess. That hardly seems like an argument. Not smoking is CLEARLY a healthier life decision than smoking. Why doesn't everyone not smoke? Some people are stupid. And, belly putters are new. Surely you can't ignore the sudden presence of them in the game and...
  9. SilverUberXeno

    Belly no more!

    Disagree. I believe that a belly putter may not make a good putter into a great putter, nor will it turn an above average putter into the best putter on tour. However, I do believe that it offers an advantage, and will truly make someone a better putter than they would have otherwise been...
  10. SilverUberXeno

    Best of 2012

    Let's take a moment to remember our single, best golf shot of the year. I had three shots this year that came to mind when I considered this; hitting a green from 320yds from the tee, and sticking the ball to 3 inches from 250 with a fairway wood, but I do feel that this last shot was truly the...
  11. SilverUberXeno

    Topspin?! Really Butch?

    Better for pros if people are ignorant. What would doctors do if we could take care of ourselves? :p
  12. SilverUberXeno

    KC Chiefs

    Way too easy to remember him as a a guy who killed himself, rather than a guy who killed his girlfriend. Pressure is not an excuse, and it's really hard for me to believe that an NFL Football Player really experiences pressure. Even if you lose a game, a super bowl, you're not under real...
  13. SilverUberXeno

    What is it about this place?

    I really think it has to do with the level of traffic. How many members on this forum posted more than 5 times over the last week? 10?
  14. SilverUberXeno

    Cyber Monday

    Dynamic Contrast Ratio 4,000,000:1 Holy eff. Some TVs are as lame as 20,000 : 1. That's really, really good. I would read reviews on Amazon first, but if they were satisfactory, I would buy that in a heartbeat. What a find!
  15. SilverUberXeno

    putting machine

    I'm moving into a new apartment this weekend. I'll have space for this, and I'd be happy to test it for you. I planned on practicing putting all winter anyway.
  16. SilverUberXeno

    Cyber Monday

    That deal seems exceptionally good, in general, for a name brand 47" LED at 120hz. I may or may not have checked my wallet. I paid more for my 46" LED, by a significant margin. If that's new and the other numbers are good (contrast ratio, etc) that's stellar. Wow. Jealous.
  17. SilverUberXeno

    Your Favorite Ball?

    It PUTTS great? Like, you made more putts?
  18. SilverUberXeno

    Fingers crossed...

    Bama is really, really good. I expect Bama to handle ND in the Championship game.
  19. SilverUberXeno

    NFL baby!

    If the call on the field is no TD, runner out of bounds, the Play is eligible to be challenged.
  20. SilverUberXeno

    Shawn Foley's Dramatic Revelations on How to Hit a Draw

    This is really what I hoped for above all else. Perhaps you will have even better control of your game with a more complete understanding of the collision dynamics between the club head and the ball, and the resulting shot shapes from them. You've surely been outstanding with your prior...