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  1. mddubya

    Pidgeon Forge, Tn. March 12th

    Seems my wife and doc have decided I'm spending to much time at home. So Now I'm apparently going to Pidgeon Forge,Tn, March 12- the 15th. I was just curious if anyone on Shottalk was ging to be in the area, live there, ect......... Would love to get together and play a round of golf with some...
  2. mddubya

    Itching to build some clubs

    Well, the club building itch has hit me again. Between boredom and ready to play some new/different clubs on a very limited budget, I'm thinking about building a few clubs. I made the mistake or smart move, (haven't decided yet), of ordering a new Hireko Catalog. Has anyone had any experiences...
  3. mddubya

    Scotty's for sale

    As much as I hate to do it, the time has come to accept I can't putt with a blade, and I have 3 Scotty blades just going to waste. So I'm offering them up here 1st. Scotty Studio Design Newport 2.5, brand new Winn AVS grip in black. 33.5 inches long, one ding in bottom, 8.5 or 9 out of 10...
  4. mddubya

    Kyle Stanley's stumble, Snedeker's win !!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow, lets hope Stanley can over come his massive choke job on the 18th hole. But major congrats to Snedeker for his comeback to put himself in a place to win. I wish I could say i saw it, but I didn't, I thought it was over, never imagined Stanley could make an 8 on the 18th hole, of course he...
  5. mddubya

    Latest news on the big "C" and me

    Well, SWMBO talked to the Doctor and nurse while I napped through chemo. Apparently if you'd have asked him 6 months ago when all this started my chances, he didn't think I'd make it through the summer. Seems I was a pretty sick puppy, much sicker than I or anyone else realized. But as of right...
  6. mddubya

    Played a full 18 holes today.

    Well, I finally got a chance to play a full 18 holes today. I played like a man who hasn't hit a shot from over 125 yards out in ages/ Oh wait, I havem't hit a full shot in ages, and trust me, it showed. From 125 in I was deadly, my putting was lag everything up close on the 1st putt, then tap...
  7. mddubya

    Going through golf withdrawls

    Going through withdrawls, almost as if I'm jonesing for a round of golf. I haven't played a full, normal round of golf in weeks now. The high tomorrow is supposed to be 57 and windy. But If I'm not deathly ill, I'm hitting the links tomorrow. My last couple of rounds I actually played pretty...
  8. mddubya

    Cancer Update

    Not trying to be depressing, but wirehairs post made me think, some of y'all might want to know where I'm at with my treatment. I'm momentarily done with the radiation, just taking chemo ever 28 days now. They are giving me another drug that keeps me from throwing my toenails up. I swear I think...
  9. mddubya

    Help !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! !!!

    During these past 6 months when I didn't feel up to playing a full round of golf, I've spent a lot of time working on my putting and chipping. Well, those two aspects of my game have dramatically improved. But now the rest of my game has suffered, my swing feels all discombobulated, like I've...
  10. mddubya

    A question of the more seasoned members

    I am faced with a delimina, my Clubs all have stiff shafts in them. Buy between my age, and sadly the weakness brought on by my illness, I know my swing speed has dropped. To be honest, I haven't been on a monitor out of fear of finding out just how much swing spped I have lost. My question is...
  11. mddubya

    More pics of the next PGA superstar

    Some more pics of my grandson Cooper playing golf.
  12. mddubya

    Thinning the herd, need money !!!

    Just putting out a feeler, short-term disability pay isn't the same as regular pay so I'm in need of some money. That and SWMBO is ragging me about my slight over abundence of golf equipment. Pics to follow tonight as soon as I find the cable for my camera, but I wanted to give my fellow...
  13. mddubya

    Played 18 today riding, will probably walk 9 more tomorrow

    Played 18 holes today riding. The wind was blowing 20mph most of the day so it was definitely a challenge. I worked for years to learn to hit a high ball to get it to check up or even backspin a bit. Works great except on windy days, problem is I can't seem to hit low knockdown shots with any...
  14. mddubya

    Eliminating the occasional WTF shot?

    Okay, I've accepted the fact I can't putt due to my inability to read a green. I can live with 2 putting, and the occasional 3 putt. (doesn't mean I've given up on trying to improve) But my problem is the occasional, 2, 3, sometimes 4 shots a round that leave me scratching my head wondering...
  15. mddubya

    Walked 9 holes

    I walked 9 holes today. The 1st nine I have been able to walk since my diagnosis with cancer. I won't lie and say I wasn't worn out when I finished, and even sat down a couple of times on the benches and sat for a while to catch my breath, but I made it all nine holes, and even shot a semi...
  16. mddubya

    Belly putter?

    Ok, after much deliberation, more than $1000.00 invested in putters, including 3 Scotty's, I've decided to try a belly putter. Problem is, I don't want to, nor can I afford to buy a good one, I've decided to build myself a belly putter. This is the one I'm thinking about getting and either...
  17. mddubya

    Buffalo beats New England?

    Wow, miricles still happen, the Bills beat the Patriots. Might be somehing to having a smart QB, Harvard degree? I didn't watch the game, last time I checked it was looking like a blow out in New Englands favor. But obviously the Bill's mounted a come-back and won, wow !!!!!!!!!!
  18. mddubya

    Callaway FT-IZ

    I was given one of these for Fathers Day. Its a 10º, and has the Voodo stiff flex shaft in it. I love the looks and feel of this driver. Problem is that before receiving this gift my chemo had caused a nasty case of shingles. The shingles did some nerve damage to my 7th rib on my left...
  19. mddubya

    Bought a 64 degree wedge

    I was in Play It Again Sports the other day. I've been saying I wanted a 64 just for $hits and giggles for quite some time. well, they had some off brand, NEXT? Anyway, they had them on sale for $14.99 so I figured, WTH? Talk about a Dr Jeckle and Mr Hyde club. It is possible to hit some...
  20. mddubya

    Good report from Doctor

    Just left my doctors office, I'm through with radiation, (thank gawd). Going through another round of chemo now. But had a CT Scan done last thursday and got the results back today. One of the place has all dissapeared, the largest of them is now 90% smaller. My doc was tickled with the results...