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  1. obagain

    Tour Issue Cleveland set

    I have a set of 2-pw cleveland tour action irons. These are softer steel and have been custom ground. The shafts have been pulled and heads cleaned so they are ready for you to put your shafts in. They have the players initials stamped in the hosel. If you ever wanted to see if you can really...
  2. obagain

    Cameron putter

    I have a gently used studio stainless newport putter. It has very little wear and always had the head cover on. It does have the red cover. $150 delivered in the U.S.
  3. obagain

    Ebat auctions

    Just a heads up. There are a ton of fake taylor made drivers on ebay. They look the part but they are not real and do not hit like real. Just so you know a taylor made 460 tp cost me $380. There are several on ebay for BIN $199. Please do not fall for these rip off artists.
  4. obagain

    Holiday specials.

    Don't want to cause trouble.
  5. obagain

    Callaway FT i

    Here are pics of the ugliest driver on the market.
  6. obagain

    Hogan Leather putter grips

    I have the grips, caps and everything you would need to install them. These are new grips, never used directly from the hogan factory. They are $10 plus shipping.
  7. obagain

    Club ho's delight.

    2nd swing golf is going out of business. They are liquidating their stores now at 30-50% off. They do not have an online store so you will have to see if any of their 50 stores are near you.
  8. obagain

    Footjoy Gel Fusion

    This is a new pair of gel fusion golf shoes. They are white with tan saddle #59880 in size 8.5 medium width. $70 delivered in the U.S.
  9. obagain

    FS Tour head Tm 300

    This is the one that is called the holy grail of tour equipment. It is a 9.5 loft. This is the head that has tour etched in, not painted. $150 delivered.
  10. obagain

    Golf Club Sale

    If this is not allowed LMK, I am in ravenna ohio for their end of year sale. If you live near there this is the place to get deals on clubs. I am not selling at this, only buying trade ins. It is at windmill lakes golf club.
  11. obagain

    Taylor firesole 320 prototype

    I am selling rare firesole 320. It has the coloring of the firesole but is shaped like the 320 ti. $200 delivered.
  12. obagain

    Dallas cowboy fans.

    I need a new laptop so I am selling my backup cowboy card collection. 1990 proset emmitt smith rookie. classic sp1 troy aikman cartoon upper deck sp Ap-8 troy aikman all pro cut out. pacific crown troy aikman gold pacific crown troy aikman silver skybox major impact m11 troy aikman upperdeck sp...
  13. obagain

    Callaway 3.8 bag

    New callaway 3.8 stand bag. Black with silver trim. $100 delivered.
  14. obagain

    Nelson tickets

    I have 4 tickets to the nelson golf tourney. They are good for saturday or sunday. Free, all you have to do is pick them up at harold patterson softball complex tomorrow. I am playing a tourney there. Cell # is 972-822-6412
  15. obagain

    Help with site.

    I need some testers. I have my site rnning but I need some people to place bids to make sure everything is running smooth. You don't have to buy, just place some bids. If this is not allowed I will delete it.
  16. obagain

    Web application

    If this doesn't belong here please move it. I am looking for someone to build me a simple program that will allow me to import a excel file into a bulk load shema. And yes, I will pay for it. :)
  17. obagain

    Fujikura Shafts

    I have a couple of pull out at great prices. 757 t/m 25 x flex. 44 1/2 length tipped 1" and butt cut 1 " Tour spec 660tr. This is a tour shaft, not for the general public. 44 1/4 butt cut 2". I will take $100 each delivered in the U.S. Both of these shafts would be well over $200 each new.
  18. obagain

    My web site

    As some of you know, I have been working on a web site for some time that would be integrated with ebay. That was not working because ebay was constantly changing the rules and site code. We have decided to change plans and open our own auction site where everyone can buy, sell or trade. It will...
  19. obagain

    Callaway x tour fairway

    I have a 15 degree x tour 3 wood prototype. It has a graphite design stiff shaft. Anyone want to be first on the block to own one of these?
  20. obagain

    Taylor Made R7 TP

    I have a used 9.5* with a stiff fujikura 757 speeder shaft. It does not have the tool kit or head cover. $250 shipped.