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  1. Quentin

    What does Cadet mean when buying golf gloves?

    Like the Nike Cadet techxtreme glove.
  2. Quentin

    Wilson Fi-5's

    Anyone have a good review on these? Would these be considered true blade irons? ~QQ
  3. Quentin

    Winn 5XWS or 5G8X

    Like them both. Just looking for feedback on either. Do they actually maintain their tackiness for a while. Very sticky grips. ~QQ
  4. Quentin

    This Duncan effer

    Not to out do the London bombings. Definite thoughts there. WTF is going on with this child abduction and molestation? It seems that this problem is running rampant these days. My big issue on the whole thing is why are WE letting these people continue to do these lude acts to our...
  5. Quentin

    Good read about recent US Opens

    I found this while sluffing off at work. It's on ESPN's golf page. Very good read. Interesting article that gives players perspectives on what happened at Shinnecock and Bethpage. I found the Verplank story interesting in that there were many players who could not carry a drive on the 10th...
  6. Quentin

    Target practice kills a 4 yr old

    So a 4 year old boy was shot and killed during target practice at a family gathering. I can't begin to think of the many things that are wrong with that. But, if my kids were going to be somewhere that guns were going to be fired, I would have them at least a few hundred feet away and in the...
  7. Quentin

    Golfing with long sleeves

    My first few rounds here in Minny have required long sleeves. I usually wear a pullover type wind breaker. I ALSO post some of my worst rounds when I wear long sleeves. Today, I teed it up at 1pm. It was about 63 degrees so I started out with a pullover. Proceeded to post a snowman quadruple...
  8. Quentin

    Oh my effen back!

    Well, I was hoping my lower back pain would go away before my round tomorrow. It hasn't. Having never had back pain, what do you do to play through a round with this? Drugs? IcyHot patch? I'm thinking a load of Ibuprofen. I hope I'm not doomed tomorrow. ~QQ
  9. Quentin

    Post your stats here

    I want to see your stats from your entered round last week. Me from last Friday... 9/14 fairways hit (I'd guess I averaged about 250yds, some drives with a 3 wood) 34 total putts (from green not fringe) 2 GIR Gee, guess what I need to work on? :rolleyes: Shot a 92 on a 71.9 135...
  10. Quentin

    Woods will miss the cut!

    Unbelievable streak though. Hadn't missed one since 1998 at the Pebble Beach. That Elin must be nagging him for a baby Tiger. ~QQ
  11. Quentin

    So what's next?

    How do we see who's winning this thing after the first week? Are all of the scores in? Will there be a weekly update post? ~QQ
  12. Quentin

    Question for you rap fans...Buddha?

    I remember long ago when I was a youngster listening to this rapper. I can remember some of the lyrics. something like this... this is the blowfly the master of flash and I'm here to stick some soul to your ass ~some other stuff here~ gonna rap in your ear till your ass get ragged...