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  1. D2Doug

    2012 R11s NEW in shrink

    I bought a NEW Taylor Made R11s, and was all ready to give this driver a go. Then something happened, I got drawn back to my prior brand driver. (Titleist) I have not put this R11s driver on the ground. It's BRAND NEW in the shrink, here's the photos where I bought it from ebay a few weeks back...
  2. D2Doug

    Titleist D2 differences

    I had a 10.5 and 9.5 D2 head, one with regular shaft. I recently sold my 10.5 and regular shaft, keeping a ahina shafted 9.5 driver. I also purchased a used 9.5 driver with a stiff Kaili shaft. What is interesting is: 1. I am driving the ball considerably longer than I was with either the...
  3. D2Doug

    FS: Titleist D2 driver 10.5 deg R flex

    FS: Titleist D2 driver (SOLD) Titleist 910 D2 Driver SOLD elsewhere
  4. D2Doug

    Rory's Tree Root shot

    Rory about messed up bad yesterday hitting a ball behind a tree root, word is, his shaft bent after ball impact, the impact of club on root ripped it loose from his hands, which he said he was going to turn loose anyway, but it still jammed him up good. MRI was negative for anything broken...
  5. D2Doug

    On number 1 tee, D2Doug

    :usflag:Doug from East TN here, first played the game 39 years ago. Total years played, probably 30. I have never worked smarter at the game though than I have lately. Dont' get me wrong, I worked at it a lot before, with shag bag, etc... But I never truly found my complete game. I'm close...
  6. D2Doug

    Got hit into

    Twice by the same guy! The first time was blatant, not waiting long enough on a par 5 blind tee shot, or not driving ahead to see that it was clear, the ball cruised by me like a silent heat seeking missle and landed about 40 yards ahead of me. the second time, he was hitting over water, and...