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  1. Louie_T07

    Playing Golf With Injuries

    My hockey career ended senior year of high school with a broken collar bone, tried hitting someone much larger than myself. First question for the doctor was “will I be able to swing a golf club when the courses open?” I was already working weekends to get the course open... Few years ago I...
  2. Louie_T07

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    What a weekend of football games, in terms of entertainment. All the games were amazing!! That Bills v Chiefs game took top spot in my eyes, so many times I was standing ready jump through the ceiling. Yelling wasn’t an option for me with my kids sleeping...
  3. Louie_T07

    Phil the Thrill

    Phil is just exciting to watch, period. He thinks he can compete in these events so he does, I kinda think its just as simple as that. He just loves playing and will likely do so until he can’t anymore. Much like we all hope to!
  4. Louie_T07

    2021-2022 NFL Season

    Burrow has some BIG balls playing in these big games, holy! Sacked 9 times? Still walking... damn!! I also learned last week he’s an Ohio kid playing for the hometown team too, that’s just cool!!! Kinda wanna see how far the Bills can go in this and never counting Brady out for one second!
  5. Louie_T07

    How fast??? How far??? Really????

    This might be an unpopular opinion, but I will say it anyway. I really think these two things deserve to be and need to be separate. To me they are just too different. IMO anyway!
  6. Louie_T07

    How about these new drivers

    While the new Stealth does look cool, kinda. I’m still a little more drawn to the Callaway... IMO My Titleist is safe! For now...
  7. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    LOL, unfortunately I cannot seem to find the double middle finger reaction anymore... Was that one phased out?? Yes, Limp at 38!! I’m not saying it can’t be done. I’m just not a fan of it. Sadly the majority of my ailments are self inflicted in one way or another. Couple old shoulder injuries...
  8. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    If carrying 17 clubs makes you happy and lets you enjoy playing the game, then do it!! I am not going to stop you and really can’t, I just don’t have that kind of free time. LOL It is very conspicuous that bag manufacturers are making 15 slots the common place. Especially in the cart bag market...
  9. Louie_T07

    What did you buy today?

    Santa brought me a putting mat for Christmas. I must have snuck onto the nice list last minute... Or just bought it myself. Just a 10’ mat, its nothing fancy. The app recommended on the box is kinda useless. I really like the almost 3D picture of the golf hole on it. Really helps visualize...
  10. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    I kinda feel the same, D, 3h, 6i...??
  11. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    Yes, that’s him! It was the digit rather than word, my bad. It’s a cool setup, but again think the lofts would need predetermined to make it work
  12. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    Just another interesting setup to add. A gentleman that I follow on Twitter @OneBeardedGolfer games this Sunday setup: D 6i 8i PW SW P 6 clubs and I love it!! Thoughts?
  13. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    Interesting... I’m more curious than anything and just to continue the conversation. Could there have been a reason she didn’t have one at the PNC??
  14. Louie_T07

    Short personal note...

    Glad you are both on the mend, take care of yourself sir!
  15. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    I think it is 100% a case of different strokes for different folks, pardon the awful pun. But I think its clear, what works for one, may not work for another. There was actually some buzz created when some one noted Nelly Korda does not carry a 5i...
  16. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    A 10 club set I can totally behind. I think my wife currently carries 8 or 9 at the moment?!?! She doesn’t play a lot these days, but when she does I’d say she might even have MORE fun with the fewer clubs. I think a lot of the guess work is taken out for her, she doesn’t have to ask me what to...
  17. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    Only 16??? Haha. Speaking of umbrellas though and the alignment sticks, orange whips and all the other gizmos we see in our bags... Do they, or do they not also count as ‘clubs’ under the wonderfully confusing rules of golf?!?! Just saying... seems like some people are walking around with 20+ clubs.
  18. Louie_T07

    DIY Clubwork

    You two silly old farts got it made!! I’m so jealous! 🤣
  19. Louie_T07

    Why 14 clubs??

    Noticed a lot of cart bags have that extra 15th spot. I’d always thought that’s where the club you are demo’ing went??? 😋
  20. Louie_T07

    what did you shoot today?

    At the risk of sounding even crazier than normal... I really can’t help but wonder if this isn’t Mother Nature trying to tell us all something... Aridly dry parts of the US, 200 year floods happening in BC and more on Canada’s east coast as well. MN is going crazy worldwide for those who don’t...