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$150 Callaway Golf Card for cheap


Well-Known Member
Nov 3, 2005
Hello! I've got a $150 Callaway Golf Card I won at work (Geek Squad) and I don't golf. I'll sell it to whoever wants it for $125, or best offer. You can pay however you want, PayPal is preferred so we can take care of it quickly. I can either mail you the card or just call you and give you the numbers off it (which you can use for a phone order or on the Callaway web site). The latter is the quickest, easiest way. If you're worried about this being legit, you can jeck out my ebay profile (jonvisger). 100% positive feedback and over 50 transactions. In any case, please just contact me at:

mrcharm [at] masonproper.com

I just make the [at] an @ of course, I just scrambled it so spam bots wouldn't destroy me. If you have any questions, just email me.



P.S. If you like weird indie pop a la the Pixies/Blur/Radiohead/Flaming Lips, give my band a listen: masonproper.com

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