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18 footer, FTW!


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Jul 20, 2008
Since this is the place, and you are the people that would appreciate these kinds of stories...

My Saturday morning match was looking grim on the back 9, was down 6 with 6 to play. I played well down the stretch, giving myself 3 birdie putts in the last 5 holes, but coming to the tee on 18 I was down three. That didn't stop me from talking a little trash with the honors, ;)

This hole lines up as nearly the hardest on the course, 400+ near 90* dog R to L, with the latter 150 a severe uphill approach, false front and the tee up (of course).

It was an easy decision to be as agressive as possible, I grabbed a 3W, and took a tight line to the far edge of the dog leg... striped it into perfect position; just to make sure my opponent was aware I advised him to be careful of the woods on the R side of the fairway (as he had been losing everything R on the back nine). He decides to play it like a par 5, go wide; sure enough, push, into the forrest it went.

The shrubbery and trees are not overly thick and can be hit out of; so he decides to puch out. The lie was a little debris laden, and he couldn't close the club face down, another push, deeper into he forrest; but this time he gets a gift from the golf gods as it richoceted from a good ten yards in the trees back out to the playable rough... :(.

I was about 155 uphill on a windy day. Normally I would say it's a two club difference to get up the hill which would mean I would go from my normal 8I to a 6I; however, given the moment, I expect some juices to be flowing so I grab a 7I. I didn't put a good swing on it, and left it on the false front, and it ran back to about 5Y off the front.

As we approached my partners ball, I casualy called him 'Rory', and advised to get this one on the green. He had a tough approach w/ trees over hanging and hit a relatively good shot, but all the way to the back large green (which slopes back to front), with a large ridge running thru the middle.

I decide to play a lob wedge and use the uphill lie to really loft it and land it soft, I committed to it, but too much loft, and left it 18 feet short (tho, uphill still). My partner then lines up his long par putt decides to hit it thru the break, as most of the putts were rolling very soft due to the rainy week we've had. But this green is elevated, and received more sun... he rolls, and rolls, and rolls.. off the front of the green, and down the false front.

Here we go...

I told him right then and there, "you know if you don't get up and down here I'm gonna drain my putt". He decides to bump it into the fase front, and leaves it longer than mine, and more importantly on the same line. He proceeds to complete a very good lag, and a kick in to card a final hole 7.

The scene is set, and I noted on his putt that what I thought was a straight up hill putt, had a slight L to R on it near the end. I changed my line to L edge, and was about as confident over this putt as nearly any I've ever taken. Since we play for post round beers, as I stepped into my putt, I told him the good news is that I didn't feel like drinking Guinness today, and was going to go for Bud Light.

Breat in, breat out, relax the hands, stroke....


There are few things more gratifying than a Saturday afternoon back 9 charge to allow you to rib your opponent the whole way. A little celebratory clammoring on the 18th green, which lead to the inevitable excuses with a sideways grin by him.

As the astute reader you are, you'll note the putt actually only forced the tie, not the win; normally we would go to the putting green to resolve the matter, but I didn't want to totally demoralize the man (after all I want to make sure he shows up next week ;)). As far as I'm concerned, it was equally as gratifying as a W, given the whole leadup, and final hole.

We shook on it, and called it a (great) round!

Anyway... I just had to share with you all over my Sunday morning coffee... hope your rounds this weekend were as great as mine!

I think this is going to be a good season...



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Jul 20, 2008
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@ VtDivot...

it's a personal friend and a weekly round, not something I would do with people I don't know in a formal competition; however it's all meant in good fun (to which I give as good as I get for sure ;)). Sounds like you've been on the wrong end of that before, sorry to hear it; too bad that's all you took from the story...



Fac ut gaudeam
Supporting Member
Sep 1, 2004
To an extent I agree with VT. However if it is someone you know well, and it is a casual round, then there may be a place for it. The only people I talk trash to like that are my brothers, it's almost a given. We only play 1-2 times a year, so it's as if we have been saving up our trash for months to try out on eachother. My dad hates it. He almost walked in at the car park one time, before we had even stepped out onto the course.

My younger brother was once 7 holes up on me after nine holes. From the tenth I managed to win 6 in a row from him. The trash talking was unbelieveable, both from me and my older brother. I wish I had recorded it. The younger was bottling it and he took the huff, refusing to engage in any one-up-manship, that made it even funnier. Well, he hung on and won at the last hole, the relief from him. The subsequent trash that exited from his mouth was unbelievable. It was memorable! Even my dad enjoyed that day.


Well-Known Member
Jan 2, 2009
Trash-talking with your buddies on the course makes the game a lot more fun for me, and most of my buddies. We all know which ones can take it, and when to lay off, especially if someone is having a bad day. And of course, it's all in good fun.

That's the way to finish a round, phatheadaf !


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
I don't even talk trash to my friends. It just seems petty and childish to me. I never wish bad on anyone, if I can't perform well enough to win, well that's on me. I'm not going to stoop to mind games. It's just not my style. Sounds like it works for you. That's fine.


Active Member
Feb 22, 2011
From my point of view, so long as the trash is understood as being "in good fun" I throw some here and there when my buddy initiates it. Usually I'll be a hole or two up on him, then the comments are thrown, but as long as it's not taken personally it usually just adds more excitement to the matches we play together.

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