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3 Goflers Go To Heaven


Professional Golfer
Sep 14, 2005
Three golfers are at the gates in heaven and spot a golf course in the distance.
They ask Peter if there able to play golf?
Peter replies "You can play golf all you want, but you must be very quite because of all the ducks on the golf course" He states "If you are loud the ducks will "Quack" and you will not allowed to play anymore and you will be punished for the noise".

The three guys agree and went to the course. They couldn't believe how many ducks were on the golf course. They tee'd off and had a great day, making sure they didn't make to much noise.

A few days later, one of the three guys hit a really bad shot and screamed out load. One duck started quacking followed by another and another. It became so load the other two guys didn't know what to expect. All of a sudden Peter appears and takes the guy away and handcuffs him to the most ugliest women you could ever see. He tells the guy you must spend the rest of eternity with her and you can't play anymore golf.

The other two guys promised never to say anything on the course. A few weeks later one of the guys skulled a picthing wedge over a green and slammed his club on the ground hitting a duck. The duck quacked so load from being hit it caused another chain re-action. Peter appeared again and took the guy and handcuffed him to another horrible looking women and told him the same thing, no more golf.

Weeks go by and the lone golfer has been as quite as you could possibly be.
Then, Peter appears all of a sudden grabs the guy and handcuffs him to the most gorgous girl you could ever imagine.

Peter turns to the girl and says "You must spend the rest of eternity with him
and you can't play golf anymore".


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
You jest right?

The beautiful lady golfer made the the ducks quack. She gets punished to be with the lone golfer, who's really ugly...


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
oh...so it's about him being ugly?

I guess it's just not funny then...

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