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52, Gap Wedge, should I get one?


Well-Known Member
Jun 10, 2005
I currently play with my Nike NDS PW from arond 15-100 yards and just adjust my swing accordingly. I'm not good enough to use my SW or LW and use them at anything more then a pitch shot swing. But with my PW I'm pretty good with sticking the ball close to the hole. I would say that 70% of the time I can get the ball on the green <20 feet to the cup. The times that I use my SW or my LW is when I hit my 2nd or 3rd shot near the green with my approach shot. I believe that the NDS PW has a 46 degree loft. The TM CGB's that I'm eyeing PW's is a 44 I believe (which puts it at like a 9 iron in disguise). I'm wondering if I should pick up a 52 GW since the difference between the CGB PW and my current SW would be 12 degrees. Should I pick one up? Or would it be a waste since I'm pretty accurate with my PW?


Well-Known Member
Jun 8, 2005
Lob wedge is the best thing that happened to my short game. I couldn't play with out at least one wedge with a loft of 56 or more. My lob is a 60 degree. The flop shot became my new best friend.


Be The Ball
Feb 22, 2005
I have a 56 sand wedge, I dont have a lob wedge...yet. But anyways I couldnt play without it. Im awesome with it


Supporting Member
Apr 16, 2005
I carry 4 wedges. Hit the 56 about 90% of the time. The others are there though cause I do need them from time to time. I'd replace long irons or fairway woods to make the 14 number before pulling out a wedge (case in point I do not carry a 3 iron)

I'd say in order of frequency I hit:

44 (This is my PW from my forged set. I rarely hit this. It's an awkward yardage I don't see too often)


Planet Love Tron
Feb 19, 2005
I use a 46, 53, and a 57. I find the 53 is good for a nice crisp swing from say 80-100 yards and the 57 anything shorter than that. I did carry a 61 degree wedge for a while but only used it in certain situations. I find that I have alot more flexibility with the 57 and can adjust my swing with ease for the shorter shots. I'd say a 51-53 degree wedge may help you out. The trick is to learn your range with it well and adjust your approach shots to that range accordingly. That's really the key.


Well-Known Member
Mar 20, 2005
Mizuno make a 53.Check out the loft on your standard wedge first,it can vary between 47 and 50

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