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5W shaft help -> fw vs. hybrid/utility type


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Sep 23, 2004
Just picked up a 19* Sonartec ss-02 and I'm looking to get it shafted (.335"). I'm trying to look at all my options with the following things in mind: 1) weight around ~75-85g, 2) mid to mid-high launch, and 3) < $60.

In my desired weight category I've come across heavier "traditional" wood shafts (eg. NV75, V275, etc), fairway specific shafts (eg. Proforce FW, PL Blue-FW, etc) as well hybrid/utility shafts (eg. Icon FH, Fuji Banza).

So, I understand the reasoning behind putting a heavier driver type shaft in a 3W as it will more than likely see equal fairway/tee time and provides a smoother transition from the driver. What I'm curios about is how others feel about the 5W which I see as more of an "utility" club with a smaller head that bridges the gap from your woods to your irons (or hybrids in my case).

The point:
- Do you play a heavier version of a traditional wood shaft or something else?
- What difference would there be performance wise?

What I'm noticing is that the FW specific shafts and the hybrid/utility shafts tend to be quite a few bucks less than their heavier "traditional" wood shafts bretheren.


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Jul 25, 2005
Augusta, GA
United States United States
I highly recommend a shaft that fits your criteria: go to Golfsmith website, search under Snakes Eyes shafts and you will find a UST V2 hybrid fairway shaft that is excellent and is also on sale for $36. You can have it PUREd for a few dollars more.

I have this shaft in my 4 wood and I love it.


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Feb 3, 2007
I play 65 gram shafts in my driver and 4-wood (and use basically the same swing) and heavier shafts in my 7wood/3hybrid and 4 hybrid (they will soon be heavier versions of the same shaft)

I actually just asked Grafalloy a similar question

I asked "I've had good luck with the ProLaunch stuff in my driver and 4 wood, but do you think it makes a difference if I use the FW shaft or the HY shaft in my hybrid/fairway club?"

they responded with "The tip section in the hybrid is made to give you the maximum performance with the Hybrid heads. However, I am not telling you you can not use the 4w or the iron shaft either."

I followed up with "Is there any difference between the ProLaunch Blue FW in .335 and the ProLaunch Blue HY in .335 for this club? - will one launch higher than the other? is the fairway wood shaft any more consistent than the HY?"

and finally, they responded with "The basic difference is the hybrid will have a reinforced tip to support the hybrid head and will probably launch the ball a little higher. However, all PL Blue shafts will launch the ball pretty high."

at the end of the day, I don't think it makes a lick of difference as long as you're confident in it


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Sep 23, 2004
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Thanks, guys. That is EXACTLY the type of info I was looking for!

Good leads on the shafts too, my local GS has both the Snake Eyes V2 FW and ProLaunch Blue FW on sale and in stock, plus I have a $10 credit at the store!

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