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9 iron & putter experiment.


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Nov 23, 2007
That's awesome. There's only 1 hole on my home course that wouldn't work due to a forced carry off the tee. I guess I could just drop the ball at the distance of 2 shots with my club of choice and be laying 3 - that way I'm assuming I'd make a decent tee shot and second since I can't do that due to hazard. I may have to give this a shot one afternoon.


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Jul 25, 2007
Madison, Wi
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I may have to give this a shot one afternoon.

1 part of me wanted to try this & the other part didn't want to possible waste one of the possible last rds of the year. I have been hitting the driver really well lately & just love to watch the ball go & go. Like I said, it was really hard to resist the temptation to pull out the driver & I even considered playing 2 balls at once just so I could compare a normal setup against this.

Ulitmately though it turned out to be a lot of fun & I am going to do this more often, only with different clubs. Kind of neat not having to decide on what club to use, just pull out the 6 & decide how much swing you want to put on it.

I would love to have WBL & Sssmokin try this, I bet Jerry would be very surprised as well. Might even end up selling his driver since it wouldn't be needed anymore.

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