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A cool story about "fighting back".


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Jun 1, 2007
Fulton Allem PGA Tour Player.

Born in South Africa, Allem started playing golf at the age of 7 with encouragement from his father. Gary Player, a close family friend, also had a large influence on his early career.

He won 11 times on the Sunshine Tour between 1985 and 1991. A second-place finish in the 1987 NEC World Series of Golf convinced him to join the PGA Tour. Allem's first win on the PGA Tour was at the 1991 Independent Insurance Agent Open (now known as the Shell Houston Open).

In 1993, he won twice on the PGA Tour and finished ninth on the money list. He won the Southwestern Bell Colonial and NEC World Series of Golf that year, two of the Tour's most prestigious non-majors .

Since his big year in 1993, Allem was plagued by a host of medical ailments. First it was plantar fasciatis in his right foot, then his left. In 1994, he suffered a herniated disc in his lower back. In 1998, he developed pericarditis, a potentially fatal inflammation of the sack surrounding the heart. In 2003, the were problems with vertebrae in his cervical spine.

During his rehab, he was a panelist on "Fore Inventors Only" on The Golf Channel...and has returned to great physical shape. Enough to go out and play competitively in the Champions Tour this season.

Enter TourSwing Golf.....

Last month, Fulton was playing golf with another PGA Champion Player who was testing (and most likely become a T.S. player) a TourSwing Proton/Vengeance combo .... Fulton noticed this player had picked up at least 20 yards off the tee and for the first time, and out driving Fulton! Something he's never done before!

So....Fulton calls TourSwing and said "I want what he has".....Tim Chopp assembles and ships it to him...Fulton received it today...calls back and says that The Proton/Vengeance combo was actually FLYING over where his Tour Taylor-Made drives would end up at.

Fulton requested another Proton driver with couple changes...like going from 8* loft down to about a 7.1*...and stiffen up the Vengeance std shaft about 6 cpms...which Tim did and shipped out today.

In return, Fulton said that TOURSWING will be his only driver he puts in play this year!

So keep your eyes out for Fulton (he starts this weekend) wearing the TourSwing gear, and also look for the TourSwing product line on the PGA tour....first with Fulton...then with another champion player (who we can't mention yet till it's official)....and ultimately, with a top PGA player with 6 PGA wins in his pocket (who has seen the distance increases with TourSwing).

I will dispense more information as it becomes official...but thought you'd all like to see that one of "us"...the little guys are finally cracking into the world previously owned by the OEMS.

To me, this is a great story about a guy who really suffered major setbacks in his career (and life), joining up with a guy (Tim) who himself has experienced personal setbacks, which resulted in TourSwing silently funnleing funds to charities...now joining up to challenge the "Big Boys"...who only care about themselves.

As soon as I get the "go ahead" to mention the other Champions player...and then, the PGA player to move to TourSwing, I'll let you know.... and that will blow your FootJoy socks off!

But until then, please join me in wishing the best to Fulton,Tim Chopp and TourSwing!

Hell, maybe I should do a special???


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Aug 10, 2006
Very good story, and youve compelled me to PM you about some things :)

PS- My bank account will soon dislike you. :laugh: