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A long but interesting editorial.


Right Curving Driver....
Supporting Member
Dec 22, 2007
See, that's where I disagree. I'd go with the 20,000 car because its sensible. I don't have a job where my car is a status symbol, and could better spend those 10 dimes on something else.

I don't think a luxury car should be seen just as an status symbol, but as a way to make unpleasant things like driving in a city a better time. Just like paying for a business class ticket or a 5 star hotel.

And anyway, back to the topic, at the end if you buy the cheap one you end up paying more than the luxury car on maintenance and stuff like that, other than the "unpleasurable" drives you have to handle hoping nothing in your car explodes. Driving a luxury car can be a pleasure itself. Turning on the sound system and not having to compete with the engine noise, turning your climate controller and not having to open your window to get some air; those things cost, but are well worth every penny.

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