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A message to all new ShotTalkers

Jack Delaney

New Member
Feb 9, 2020
United States United States
Welcome! We're glad you're here. I don't have time to respond to each of your introduction posts. At my age, I'm either working, playing golf, or in the bathroom. There is nothing more to life than sweating a little, playing quite a bit of golf, and having a good bowel movement! But, I digress....

ShotTalk is a fantastic place to converse about the great game of golf. Of course, we do get off on topics like guns and girls and bikes and arm-wrestling contests. We are successful at keeping the bulk of the discussion honed in on golf. Many of us are aged enough we sometimes forget... forget if we are posting on a golf forum or a place to meet single grannies. If we do get too much off kilter, Dogfish kicks out fanny and gets us back on track.

You'll find a pretty diverse group of young flat-bellies and crochety old farts. Some suggest they are quite athletically inclined... and that is probably true. Most of us are a bunch of weekend hackers who have a great time enjoying this game. We gripe about the weather, slow play, people who hit 300 yard drives, rude beer cart girls, and six-somes. That you'll find on any one of a dozen golf discussion boards sprinkled over the internet. What you won't find elsewhere is a good bunch of guys who honestly do seem to care about each other, even though we'd drink their whiskey and bed their wives if we actually lived close enough to them.

Make yourself at home on ShotTalk. Take off your work boots, sit back in your recliner, and join any one of the discussions. If you post SPAM... there are a dozen of us who will report you and see that you are forever booted from the board. If you pick fights... you won't last long. If you tell jokes we've heard twenty times... we'll laugh along with you. If you are having a tough time at work or at home, we'll do our best to let you know we're rooting for you to have a better day tomorrow.

Tell us about the clubs you treasure and the ones you've tossed when they misbehave. Tell us what courses you play and how well... or how poorly... you play them. Tell us where your girlfriend lives and pm us her phone number!! Tell us how much you like or dislike Tiger. Tell us what your favorite meal or movie is. We're just a group sitting around the table enjoying good conversation. We welcome yours.

Thanks. Have been off course for 2 years with a bad back. This spring, I am back, baby. JD


Mental Ward Escapee
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Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
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Thanks. Have been off course for 2 years with a bad back. This spring, I am back, baby. JD
If something hurts, I know I woke up. Vitamin "I" (ibuprofen) keeps this old body playing. Hope you get back in the groove and play well.

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