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A really fun golf day on an old gem


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
My cousin is an architect in Tuscaloosa, AL. He invited me to play in a charity scramble tournament for the Salvation Army today. This tourney was held at CC of Tuscaloosa.

I had never played there and knew that it was on old place on the river. I drove down this morning and found a clubhouse and proshop that were a bit worn at the edges. This community has long since grown over to the north/west side of the river and downtown is a bit tired residentially. Over the river are both very upscale private and public courses which are designed by Gary Player and Jerry Pate. This place it seems has kind of been left back in time....

Then we teed off and I found a really fun experience...kind of like a diamond in the rough. Well maybe not a diamond but an emerald...

First, the course was opened in 1920 and when you play it you get the feeling that the designer was a protege' of Donald Ross. Very small, highly sloped greens that put a premium on proper placement of the approach.

A short course at 6000 (white tees) but with plenty of demands. Several tight tee shots that require tee control.

Upscale courses in this part of the country have long ago converted to bentgrass - which while providing a better putting surface - requires a ton of maintenance due to the summer heat. This course had the old, traditional bermuda greens.

And they were just flawless. So firm - never a brown, recovering ball mark on them. Just perfectly mown, just beautiful to walk on greens. They looked like something out of a golf magazine because they were so perfect looking... And dammit you had to hit it straight to get it on because they are so very small....Overall, the course was in a B+ condition with no obvious, glaring issues anywhere.

It is kind of sad because it is Obvious that the place runs on a low budget. Everyone of means has moved across the river to the upscale areas but you can tell that 60 years ago, this was a place of grandeur. A few homeowners still hold on to their places around the course - overlooking a lock/dam on the river.

My cousin said you can join here for zero. De Nada. And you pay $100 per month for membership. It has a respectable clubhouse and a cart is $12.

Outside the pro shop door is an old fashioned "Pepsi" vertical thermometer. And a window A/C unit that keeps it cold in there...

Something tells me - I could kind of fade away there...playing out my days with my buds in obscurity and delight....Play 18 and get a $2.50 beer...

Bama Duffer

Well-Known Member
Mar 14, 2005
A friend of mine is a member there, but I've only played it once. Nice course. I recall one hole near the railroad tracks with water on the left and a hill to the right. Very small landing areas. Nice to read a review of the course. Thanks.


The golfer fka ST Champ
Aug 31, 2004
Nice post Bravo, sounds like a nice place. I'm sure the members there appreciate what a value they have. If I ever get to retire, doubtful as that is, I would like to find a place like that.

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