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Aaron Baddeley vs Tiger Woods


"Playing it straight"
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Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
Let me start by saying that this is not a Tiger trolling thread.


Baddeley has really come back to form and it's not accidental. At last week's Northern Trust Open which Baddeley won, I couldn't help thinking that Tiger Woods would be able to take a lot out of Badds's situation.

A bit about Aaron Baddeley? He & Adam Scott were proteges of Greg Norman. He took them under his wing b/c he saw such talent & potential. Both ended up on the US PGA tour & they've both had wins.

Baddeley changed his coach and his swing a couple of years back. His form plummeted from that moment on.

Recently he's changed back to his old swing & his old coach and he hasn't looked back. He came 6th at that AT&T at Pebble, then a week later he wins the Northern Trust Open. It's not coincidence.

Tiger is in the doldrums & it's painful to watch. Tiger, get yourself to Scottsdale & have a fireside chat with Badds. Then fire Sean Foley & abandon your stupid new swing. You haven't looked close to winning anything with it.


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Aug 13, 2006
The difference being that when Badds switched he didn't become #1 in the world and win 6 majors. I like Badds, I like the way he plays. I didn't like the stack and tilt crap he got into but whatever....

Also his every move isn't scrutinized the way Tiger's moves are...makes it a little easier for him to suck for awhile without having the media asking him every day why he's sucking.

Then of course there are the off course things...which I think may be best to leave out of the discussion...