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Absolute power and the mentally deranged...

William Tipton

Active Member
Apr 24, 2013
United States United States
So for a change I go over to the executive course to shake things up a bit.
Get on 1 and join up with two guys.
GIR/Par on first hole, bad start because theres nowhere to go from here.

Anyway, this is only a 9 holer so after 9 we're walking off the green and I ask if they are playing another 9.
They werent going to but since no one was up on the tee box they decided to go ahead.
As we're walking up a couple...man and a woman....come out of the club house and towards tee one.
Cool, only a twosome in front of us coming around the turn here.

So the woman is about ready but her partner seems like hes needing a bit longer before he's going to be ready. As I walk up to her she asks if we are making the turn because she thought she heard the starter saying we were. I tell her yes, we are coming off 9 and going to play 9 more...we are making the turn.

Her and her partner, again, are the ONLY people anywhere near the teebox....no one else....at all. Keep this in mind for the next part.

So I ask her if shes sure that she wants us to play thru. She confirms the answer is yes. Im figuring that she wanted us in front so they could play at their own pace because no one wouild be behind them if we go ahead, right?

I go up to tee off, get into my backswing and hear 'SIR!".
Not sure why I bothered stopping my swing but I did.

And so now the starter who had been somewhere else during all this looking at me know saying 'SIR, THESE PEOPLE ARE UP".

me: "uh yeah....and she JUST ASKED us to play thru"

starter: "thats not how we do it here. You have to get back in line"


starter: "She doesnt know the rules. Thats not how we do it here, you have to get back in line"

me...getting irritated at this idiots brain damage at this point: "THERE IS NO GODDAM LINE...ONLY HER AND SHE JUST TOLD US TO PLAY THRU ! You cant tell me that there is no damned rule here that says players CAN let other players play thru, pal"

starter: "thats how we do things here"

me: "youre just being a pushy ass and you know it"

so I go into the clubhouse do talk to the pro who runs the joint and I can tell right off that he knows this guy is being an ass with us but is too damned wimpy to say it.
I told him if there was a line behind her then yeah...I would have gotten behind them...BUT THIS LADY IS the goddam line, guy...and SHE SAID FOR US TO PLAY THRU !

I went about 5 damned minutes with these idiots before it dawned on me that you just cant get some people to figure it out regardless of how simple it is.

I mean, Geezus, EVERY other course I golf at tweaks the rules ALL The time in order to speed up play.
Sometimes they have me start off on the back even though they are starting on the front because they know my pace of play and I'll be off the back before half the front is even thinking about playing the back.
Use some discretion, dope. :D

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"Don't count that."
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Sep 20, 2007
Phoenix, AZ
United States United States


Mental Ward Escapee
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Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
That's one of the things I miss most since I now play 90% of my golf on my home course... Starters!!! Over the years, have encountered some of the most ignorant, imbecilic, horse's patooeys as course starters. Give someone a clipboard with times and names on it and they think they are Barney Fife. OTOH, I've experienced some really nice folks working as starters. So...
You got stung by stupidity. Seems to be plenty of that, today, amongst those who accept positions in "customer service". This particular moron probably is getting free golf at a 9-hole executive course for playing the part of a starter. Whoopeee!!!
Golf, as many businesses today, is extremely competitive. Is the course municipal owned? Or, is it privately held? Find who really holds the bag if people just quit playing there. Send an e-mail complimenting them on their facility. Coat it with as much sugar as you can. Then, tell them you are so disappointed that you won't be playing their course again... simply because of how you were treated. Whoever is responsible for the facilty needs to know the rectum of the course has been misnamed as 'starter'.
I played a municipal course a couple years ago in Cheyenne, WY. Walked on and the entire clubhouse staff acted as if I was the Second Coming. They hooked me up with some of the regulars who helped me around the course and were a blast to play with. When I returned the next morning, they remembered me and treated me every bit as kind. I sent an e-mail to the Parks & Rec Director, complimenting him on the exceptional service. I rec'd return e-mails from him and two golf course employees, thanking me for the kind words.
It goes both ways. This gentleman needs to find another job... perhaps cleaning toilets at WalMart.
William Tipton

William Tipton

Active Member
Apr 24, 2013
United States United States
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Hey Limp.
No, its a municipal course that is included with my pass. Just wanted to give it a try today.
yeah, he is a volunteer which means he gets free golf at all the city courses as payment for volunteering. I did the math and it works out to about $2 an hour....not even remotely worth it. Youd be better off doing some overtime to pay for the $1100 yearly pass.

Every time Ive been pissed at a golf course worker its been at this course.
The last time I went over there was literally no one there other than 3 guys teeing off.
No one else on the tee...no one else on the course at all.
But this starter saw me pull up and before I even got entirely out of my car hes telling me I HAVE to join up to make a foursome with these three guys. :D
uh...WHY again?????

But this gigantic ass insisted so I couldnt even get warmed up before being shoved off the first tee just so we could play as a foursome....alone on the course... :D

Im never going back to that course. Its the only small one of the city ones anyway and entirely pointless. You could sneeze at a ball and hit these greens.

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