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Achieving that hollywood swing?

The master

Oct 24, 2004
OK played today and played average , something like +3 for 12 holes. It was pi$$ing down and VERY cold so you coldn't really get into your game, and couldn't feel your hands on your grip. Anyway enough of that BS.

I went for a practice session after my round and was really worknig on my swing which I want to look realy good and I feel it is improving.

Anyway my question how important is a good looknig siwng does it really matter is it ok with nowadays equipment for your swing to be a little querky?

I'm hitting the ball well but have the yips and my game form 120 yrds could be improved, my lnog game is unbelievable I'm consistently long of the tee and a good mid-long iron player.


Titleist and Cleveland
Feb 23, 2005
Some people can't get the long smooth tempo that Ernie, Phil and Goosen have because they have a naturally fast tempo. You play to your own pace and if he are a fast tempo guy like Price then you play like that. As long as the club gets into the right positions and releases through the ball you should be ok.

From 120 and in is an area I would like to fix also. I tend to have a 10 yard pull with my sgort irons but I think it is because I turn my hipsa little too fast in the wing rather then waiting for the club to make contact first.

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