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Adams GT2 Undercut Irons


Worm Burner
Jul 11, 2005
Well, I went out yesterday and bought a new set of these clubs. My first impression was that they feel really solid and look very nice. The head finish is a high gloss chrome/nickle, the shafts (True Temper) are uniform throughout the set and the soles get wider and deeper as the clubs get longer. So off to the driving range I went, I arrived there and realized I had forgotten my golf shoes and I would have to test out my new clubs on mud/grass with tennis shoes on (It is about a 45 minute round trip from the driving range to my house). Hitting on this ground was horrible and I had very little control considering it felt like I was hitting golf balls off of a hockey rink. Still, on the shots where I was off-center, the club seemed to forgive and the ball was traveling about five to ten yards right of the target at all distances. When I made good contact the ball launched high and fast. The trajectory throughout the set was good and the distances were longer than my previous clubs. The velvet-feel grips are quite nice and even when my hands were sweaty it felt like I still had control over the club. Throughout the set 3-PW, SW, LW, the 3 was the easiest to hit. I was consistantly hitting about 180-190 with solid contact.

I dont really want to give these clubs a rating just yet considering the conditions I was hitting under, but so far I like what I have seen. These clubs seem to be well worth the $200 I spent on them.


Well-Known Member
Aug 8, 2005
What is the difference between the undercuts and the regualr gt2's other than the look? The adams rep told me the undercuts go further, but I think she was just trying to make a more expensive sale.


Used club guru
Mar 29, 2005
They are a little more forgiving. They go farther is an easy sales tactic, you will hear that a lot. Next time someone tells you that ask them if they can guarantee it, they will either crack a joke or back off on the claim.

If anyone ever uses that and claims it will go more than 15 yards farther, run, they are either conning you or are goofy. Either way you will not come out ahaed.


Worm Burner
Jul 11, 2005
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They are more forgiving on off center hits. (I was comparing them to some rawlings clubs I have been hitting with for the last few years and they give me more distance.) The trajectory is nice and high but the clubs can be worked quite a bit. Overall, I am satisfied with my selection. Oh and I shot a 114 friday. Not too bad considering I haven't been to a golf course in over a year.

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