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AJ Golf DVDs For Sale


Well-Known Member
Nov 17, 2005
I've got a DVD set of AJ Reveals the Truth about Golf consisting of the following, for sale:
  • <LI class=bullet>In The Truth About The Driver Part 1, AJ shows you how to have total control of your driver and develop the effortless power and consistency you've always wanted off the tee. <LI class=bullet>In The Truth About The Driver Part 2, AJ expands your knowledge about using the driver as a tool. <LI class=bullet>AJ's Tips & Drills will help you learn to control the clubface through the impact zone. By watching this video and using these great lessons, you'll speed your improvement.
  • In The Truth About The Short Game II, AJ reveals even more secrets so you can get the ball closer to the hole more often.
If interested, e-mail me, thank you.

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