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All Classifieds Now Require Current Pictures, No Exceptions! This Includes EBAY Ads!

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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Ladies and Gents,

As of today, ALL classified ads require current pictures accompanying them. Whether the pics are hosted off site or on, all ads must have pictures of the ACTUAL ITEM being sold, no stock photos, no Microsoft Paint renditions. ;)

For larger ticket items, such as boutique putters or high end drivers and iron sets, pictures showing the date of the post (on a peice of paper in the background, for example) is required.

This now includes links to Ebay Auctions. Current pictures of the items being sold must be included in the ad here on Shot Talk.

This isn't too much to ask and very easy to do. It will help eliminate a lot of questions and confusion from here forward.

I'm going to be initiating a ZERO TOLERANCE policy on this rule, so be aware that any ads not complying will be deleted.

Continued ignorance towards these simple rules will result in me calling you names, and potentially a stint in the sin bin.

You've been warned.:)

If any of you have questions or concerns about this, or anything else with the Classified Ads Section, please feel free to Private Message (PM) me. I'll do what I can to accomodate your needs or answer any questions you might have.

Thanks guys, we all as a community appreciate your cooperation in this.

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