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All golf clubs are made in 12 Chinese factories


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2005
My buddy works with a golf club company. He told me that he visited Chinese factories. Callaway clubs are made in the same factory as the generic clubs and the Taylor clubs are made across the road with their generics.

What is the difference. ZERO difference, except for the logo which automatically makes the price 4 times the real price. There are generic manufacturers and companies which sell the generics are ridiculously low prices. He mentioned www.diamondgolf and www.moonshotgolf.com. These sell clubs just as good as the brand names.

You can check out various articles which discuss this issue such as www.golfweapons.com


Feb 20, 2005
uuuhhh i think we already got this b ullshit post from someone else.so i think sling will be send you to the trap bye bye buddy.


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Supporting Member
Aug 26, 2004
Zero difference except they put the floor sweepings in the clones.

Hit the road, mr. chump!


Well-Known Member
Aug 23, 2005

You're not completely correct when you say all clubs are made in China. Most of them are, but some aren't. Mizuno is a Japanese company and make their clubs in Japan. And you are also correct when you say that the clones are just as good, but you do have to be careful when you say that. NOT ALL CLONES ARE GOOD, SOME ARE PRETTY BAD IN FACT. I have built sets of irons with the Layland Lx2 club heads, and they are in fact quite good. I'd but them up against any set of Callaway X-16's, which is what they look like. I compared them side by side with the X-16's, and you can't tell them apart, except for the name. Play the same also. Some of the other members of this site seem to have a different opinion about clones, but I wouldn't hesitate to recommend the Leyland LX'2's to anyone looking for a good set of irons. If you Demo the X-16's and hit them well, consider the LX2's, for a lot less money.

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