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Amateur Golf database, members required!


Well-Known Member
Aug 2, 2005

I am looking for a load of sportsmen and women to get into my new site.


Basically it is a worldwide ladder system for a variety of sports. We really need Golfers though. The more people that join the more people there will be for match ups! The site is designed so that eventually it will be a large database of amateur players! Don’t worry if you don’t see any one local to you at the moment. There will be soon enough.

Please have a look. If you play any sport regularly then why not join!? It doesn't matter what standard you are.

Remember the sooner you join and put yourself onto a board the better your ranking will be (works on a first come first service basis)!

Any questions just email me!

So if you’re up for it JOIN!

Thanks for your time!


PS I myself play at Knott end (across the water from Fleetwood) golf club.

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