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Amazing video.



Found this clip on a weight lifting forum I frequent...

... "This video clip (3 minutes) was taken at Mike Burgener's Olympic Weightlifting/CrossFit seminar. Josh Everett (RKC) and Greg Amundson both did a workout called Fran. In this workout, you do 3 rounds. The first round is 21 Thrusters and 21 pullups. Round 2 is 15 of each. Round 3 is 9 of each. The fastest time wins. I'm not sure of the official time, but it appears that Josh finished in just under 2:30 and Greg around 2:50.
A thruster is a front squat, followed by a pushpress. They used 95 lbs. To understand the significance of what they did, keep this in mind. They are doing 45 thrusters and 45 pullups in under 3 minutes! I have seen some very fit people take 12-15 minutes to complete this workout.
Here is the video in Windows Media format: http://www.crossfit.com/cf-video/Josh_Greg-Fran.wmv
Here it is in Real Media format:

Josh Everett is the strength coach at UC Riverside and recently qualified for nationals in Olympic Lifting. He won the 2nd TSC, sweeping all of the events, and is RKC certified.
Greg Amundson is one of CrossFit's resident monsters. He is a Sheriff's Deputy and recently joined the Army. He broke the all-time record on the Army PT test and was the first person ever to score a perfect 300 three times consecutively. He holds the record on more than half of CrossFit's repeated workouts, called the Girls."



p.s. I can only about 12-15 pullups in a row compared to these kids.

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