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American greensomes.


Be The Ball
Feb 22, 2005
The master said:
This is what the competition was today a nice one to break us in off the back tees and rain.

Anyway the format is both drive and both hit a 2nd shot and play alternative shots form which one is best.

Anyway me and my friend shot -2 gross which is a nett 62 we had 6 birdies and 4 bogys, also on the 16th I hit a HUGE drive liek 320 and flew over some guys head and missed him by a foot, I had a 9 iron into a par 5 and put it two 8 feet but my freind missed the eagle putt.

Anyway a nice start to the season, I thought we could get cut ut I was dissapointed this morning when I found out we couldn't.

Sounds like a good time. Very very nice drive. Now what if you could do that on average.

Darn friend lol jkjk

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