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an introduction and some questions


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Aug 6, 2005
well i just joined the site, as golf is taking a major interest in my life. just started playing seriously this year (played a bit last year), shooting about mid 80s for 18 right now, but hope to move to high 70s before seasons out, and there is some parts of my game that need improvement. first question being, are my clubs a restriction in any way to my play? they are 15 years old, titleist DTR, identical to these: http://cgi.ebay.com/Titleist-DTR-Iron-Set-1-SW-Great-starter-set_W0QQitemZ7173457889QQcategoryZ18962QQssPageNameZWDVWQQrdZ1QQcmdZViewItem

i generally 2 putt 10-12 foot putts, which is acceptable but these are easily makeable putts for the more experienced golfers, and i need defenite help and practice in making these putts.

and my last question is right now my driver and wood set is one i got for my birthday, came in a full beginner golf set by accuity, and im only driving about 235 yards max. could the driver have alot to do with this? its 350 or 390cc i believe.

and last but not least, i bought a new bag and a new putter today :) a mallet style putter and an ogio exo bag (absolutely wonderful, worth every penny)

anyways, ill be searching the site a bit more hoping to find some tips, in the mean time maybe some of you future PGA stars can answer my questions :)


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Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Honestly, shooting mid 80's with your irons is fine. If you're happy with them and they are consistent, I wouldn't worry about them.

You could do to upgrade your woods and driver, but if you're happy with them, don't. I've always said that half the battle of finding equipment that is right for you is buying something that YOU like. If it's 10 dollars or 300 dollars, if you buy it and hate it, you'll never use it. And vice versa, if it's cheap, but it works, then use it.

TSI guy? You run a 96 Talon? I had a 93 with nearly 400HP for about 6 months....



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Jun 30, 2005
Firstly I'll say that shooting in the 80's, especially since you've not been playing that long is great. You don't see too many people with a "natural" swing. But I think you may have the makings for some great golf in the future.

I'll agree with Rock in saying that if the irons "feel" good, stick with them. You can always gain some improvement by upgrading equipment, but finding what's right for you is the hard part. DEMO, DEMO, DEMO clubs till the cows come home.

As far as a driver/woods. . .I also have a driver that I consistently hit straight and only about 230 to 240 yrds. Its a great club, but just doesn't seem to get the job done if I'm playing a par5 and I'd like to "attempt" to get there in 2. I will also add that you can get some really great clones/copies of nice drivers for relatively cheap. I know there are T.Made R7quad clones on Ebay and elsewhere for $120 and less!! If you'd like to try a larger driver, and you don't want to spend over a couple hundred dollars, try to find a clone or a used one. I think it could add to your game. The large head drivers are not as forgiving though. Good luck!!


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Aug 6, 2005
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today i went and bought a walter hagen 430cc driver on clearance at dicks for 100 bucks!

there new drivers are 2-300 dollars, and i saw this one and demoed it for a couple shots and it felt great. just got home from the golf course after playing 9 with this driver, and well i didnt hit it FARTHER (maybe its because i just got?) but the club is defenitely more forgiving about hitting a bad or not so hot shot, so as of now i like it and i hope it turns out to be worth the money, cuz if not itll be in the classifieds section pretty soon :p. i send the ball sky high everytime i drive, its frustrating.

now i just gota find some hagen 3 and 5 woods to complete the set, to go in my beautiful new golf bag :p (i love that bag)

anyways i shot a 42 today, almost chipped in from 15 yards out with a 60 degree but the pin was still in the cup and deflected the ball out of the hole, thats frustrating. on the par 5 9th hole i was on in 2 and 2 putted after a decent drive and an awesome 3 wood shot.

and yes i do drive a 96 talon, its turbo awd, show/go car, fully molded body kit and 18s, as well as a fully built crower/wiseco motor with cams, headwork etc etc. its fun :)

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