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Annual Ontario Migration has begun


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Aug 27, 2004
We are probably 1200 miles from Ontario - but that car tag is so commonly seen around here - twice a year.

In October, the snowbird migration starts. Mainly people from Michigan and Ontario - heading down to the beaches of Northern Florida and Alabama. They rent condos and spend the winter. While the weather down there is not as warm as south Florida, the cost of rental is considerably lower and the drive is about 600 miles less.

I know several families here that own condos and mention their longterm relationships with folks from Southern Ontario. These relationships go back 10 years or more where the same family (usually a retired couple) will rent the same condo from the same owners.

And then in late March - back they go. I don't drive on I65 much but when I do in the Spring and Fall, you see dozens of these tags on the highway. I am as familiar with an Ontario tag as any around this part of the country....

:canadafla :usflag:


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Staff member
Aug 30, 2004
Canada Canada
Ya, that's pretty easy to understand.

I once heard a story that a guy in Colorado that owned a service station pumped more gas in the spring and fall in cars from Saskatchewan and Alberta than he did into local cars at the same times of the year that you mentioned....it's hilarious going down to places like Yuma and Scottsdale around January.....you see so many Canadian plates, it's like being at home...


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