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Another day, another story (a good one though)


El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
I played 18 today, and considered the first 9 a warmup. I shot a 46, which is only one more than what I've been hitting so, not a big deal. The second nine though.. I was on fire!

* Hole 1 - 325 yards - par 4 - straight shot, elevated green (4-5 feet)
I blasted the ball off the tee, I actually thought I'd be OB left but it must've had a holy spin and came JUST BARELY back in bounds (seriously, like 2-3 inches.) I was way out there, probably hit a solid 260. Got my pitching wedge out and was on the green in 2 shots. The first putt was lengthy, but I hit it at the right speed to make it an easy putt for par.

* Hole 2 - 265 yards - par 4 - tee and green are even, fairway is a down and
up slope.
Another good tee shot, a little fade this time to end up maybe 10-15 yards right of my target line. I got about 250 yards off of the drive, so it was a fairly easy lob to hit the green. I ended up about 10 yards farther from the pin than I wanted, and had an embarassing 3 footer miss. Ended up with a bogey. Still, a par and a bogey, fine in my book.

* Hole 3 - 190 yards - par 3 - tee is about 20 feet above the green, water
hazard to the right (which I got 6 out of with my retriever!)
I tee up a 5 wood here, and I greened the ball about 20 feet from the pin in the middle of the green. I figured I'd aim to get close and then tap in for par. I read the green for a few seconds, noticed some interesting slopes, then gave it a solid strike. The entire time, it looked like it was going in, right for it, and it DID! Birdie! Woo!

* Hole 4 - 450 yards - par 5 - straight and long, fairway is wide on the left
I got an explosive shot off the tee for the third time, probably nearing 280 this time. I originally had a 5 iron in my hand, but when I practice-swing I look at the green to see if it feels right, and it occured to me that I wasn't gonna get close with this. I grabbed up my 7 wood and put it on the green, second shot, right in the middle. I greened a 5 in 2, first time! Unfortunately.. I was concentrating on the right-left slope (this green is satanic) and didn't notice I was putting uphill. Didn't get far. Second shot, I was a hair too strong, and she rolled down a ways. Ended up with a bogey...

But oh! What a rush that first 13 strokes was! I HAVE to try again!

Also fellas.. check out golfcpons.com. It's pretty interesting.

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