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Another noob


Active Member
Jun 28, 2010
Hello all. Just started playing golf and wanted join the forum and maybe learn something from all you peeps.

Name is Al, I'm in Louisiana, got a 28 handicap and getting better every day.


Mental Ward Escapee
Supporting Member
Oct 18, 2006
I forgot!
United States United States
HMan... you're already off on the wrong foot!! Once you hang around a golf forum or two, you'll understand there are NO 28 cappers. Everyone who posts on these forums are single digit caps... or better. We all hit the ball 300 plus yards... splitting the fairway... with our tour specification 4-woods. If we used driver, we would drive every green on a course... and often do. However, that takes what little challenge this game presents out and makes it way too boring!!
We all own and play only the newest, shiniest, most expensive, most tour used clubs on the market. The shafts in our clubs are all frequencied and pured... including our putter. We purchase our grips from the tour van because we feel they use a different compound than retail grips... and some pro we idolize may have actually picked one up and held it enough to depost a DNA smear.

At least that's what we will tell you. Once you get to know us you will realize we, too, are not far from high double digit caps... play clubs from fleabay... hack it around with our golf buddies and Budweiser... and dearly love this great game of golf!!



El Tigre Blanco
Jul 26, 2005
You got me, I may be a 30.

Hahaha. If your "internet" handicap is 28, dayyuummm!

Welcome to the forum. With some good fundamentals you can drop a LOT of strokes off a handicap that big. You'll get to a point that, as long as you're not trying to kill the ball, you won't hit HORRIBLE shots. You'll hit a few good shots, a lot of okay shots, and a few shots that "advance" the ball in a way you didn't intend.

The best thing you can do for yourself is ignore the distance anyone else hits their clubs. If you're in decent physical condition (health+age), you ought to be able to drive the ball 230+ yards. Don't try to hit it 290. Guys who hit it 290 consistently are NOT trying to kill the ball; they're making a smooth swing with good fundamentals.

If you can "only" hit your 5 iron 160 yards, just get really good at hitting it 160 yards. If you're as accurate with your 5 from 160 as somoene else is with their 8 from 160, you're not losing anything.

You want to hit it farther because you'll be able to hit a more lofted club into the green and stop it faster, but do not sacrifice accuracy to achieve that, else all that height and spin won't mean diddly.

Play within yourself, and that cap will drop.


"Playing it straight"
Supporting Member
Jan 8, 2009
Australia Australia
Welcome Al.

You'll fit right in real soon. We all drive the ball 400 metres, work the ball left & right at will, only play blades & routinely drop 18 foot putts. :)

anonymous golfaholic

Refusing Recovery
Supporting Member
Feb 10, 2010
United States United States
Welcome to ShotTalk man. I'm fairly new here too. A few things you will quickly learn: You need to switch drivers weekly or at least shafts in order to hit 400 yard bombs. Titleist equipment is over-priced, generic feeling, junk. Tiger talk can be a touchy subject. If you have ever helicoptered a club, you will be called a *****. Do NOT post links about products, the spam will hit the fan. Just because no one replies to a post, doesn't mean no one read it...there are a lot of lurkers. Also, the term "shank" is not to be used under any circumstance, it is to be referred to as a "lateral". There are a lot different opinions on here, but we all have one thing in common, we are all extremely passionate about the game of golf. I think you'll find that there is a great group of guys here at ShotTalk.

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