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Any advice about using the 3-wood?


Well-Known Member
Aug 28, 2005
This may sound like a silly question, but here goes:
I just started playing golf a year ago, and in march I bought a set of Nicklaus irons (before that I had a grand total of 3 clubs that I bought at a used sports store). I've been teeing off all summer with my 3-iron, which is a hybrid, and I've gotten pretty consistent at it. But I'm unhappy with my distance -- I'm a woman, and like most women, I hit the ball straight, but only about 130 yards off the tee with the 3 iron -- so I've been saving up all summer to buy a 3-wood. I finally got the one I've had my eye on: the Cleveland launcher, woman's flex. So naturally, when it came in the mail yesterday I rushed off to the driving range.
What a disappointment!!! It feels heavy, it feels dead when it hits the ball, and I keep hitting under the ball. Plus, not much more distance.
Now, I know this has got to be me, because I hear great things about Cleveland equipment.
Does anyone have any advice on how to hit the woods as opposed to the irons?


Well-Known Member
Jul 4, 2005
You might want to take a lesson, I did for my driver and woods and it really helped.


Well-Known Member
May 23, 2005
It could be any number of things; how high you're teeing it up, how close or far you're standing to the ball, where you're positioning the ball in your stance, or maybe even swinging too hard in an attempt to get the clubface square rather than just making a smooth swing and hitting through the ball.

In my experience, it's been easier to hit a three wood off the tee than a three iron due to the loft and much larger sweet spot on a fairway wood, Best of luck.


Scratch wannabe
Aug 26, 2005
If you are hitting under the ball I think you need to check your ball position. For the 3 wood off the tee you should be playing it at your left heel or just inside (I'm assuming you are a righty). To practice this you need to lay a club on the ground between the ball and your feet parallel to your target line for alignment (which you should always use an alignment club on the range) and then lay another club perpendicular to that to see where the ball position is.


Be The Ball
Feb 22, 2005
Just try different heights for the tees and different ball position in your stance. And if that doesn't work then get a lesson lol.


Well-Known Member
Aug 29, 2005
Try teeing a little bit lower on the tee.I found this helped a lot.i always leave 1/4 an inch of ball showing above the club head.If you can get to range which allows you to practive of grass rather than mats this will help you gauge what height to tee it up to and give you more scope and feel.Good luck.Have you thought about a rescue club?