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Any way to fix this Sling?

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
Was thinking the same thing myself, and Spank brought it up in another thread. Seems easy to lose when it assigns a title and you no longer see the http: next to the link to know it is a link
How many times do I have to tell you bastards to go to this link---> Clarence Bass:* Bodybuilding & Fitness Home Page ?

Go to the fat loss and weight control section about halfway down the page. I post this because I like you Bravo.

I love to run, but the truth is that walking will make you lose just as much weight as running. Running is really good for me, personally, but walking is just as beneficial, if not more so, according to Clarence Bass (see link above)...

Here are a few articles from the link above to get you started Bravo:

I will give you 3 articles picked at random from that web page--->

fat loss: Mother Nature's way

Fat Loss Article: Metabolism Myth (I like this one)

holiday pounds

I picked these basically at random; go through these articles and find what interests you...


P.S. Why do some people have links the same color as comments on their forums? That is absolutely ridiculous, as it confuses people; I missed quite a few links until I figured it out here. Somebody go in there and change the font color of links, so people know when there is a link... Freaking jackasses...

Guys, I don't mean to have to put my foot down on the font color for the links, and don't go into your bedrooms and sulk because I called you moderators jackasses for overlooking this... Just get your acts together.

This just happened in the last few days. Thought it was kind of a pain myself. Although you need to save, then edit the text it adds to the right of the link other wise the color remains the same as it did on your post.

fat loss: Mother Nature's way

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