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Anybody have any info on Golf in the Algarve



Just hoping that some of you might have info on golfing in the Algarve particularly Praia de Rocha. I am going there for a few days and I would love to get out once or twice to play as I am not keen to spend my entire time just lying in the sun.

What courses are there?

Is it affordable? or worth the money?

Do they do special offers i.e. buy 2 rounds get 1 free? or late evening early morning rounds for cheap?

Any any info appreciated/links .


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Apr 15, 2008
Algarve Info

If you need any Info on Portugal, give me a shout, living and working there at the moment. Not had much time for Golf but I am working in and around the Golfing scene and have visited a lot of the courses and 2 of the new ones as they was being built, Monte Rei and Quinta do vale both in the East..


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