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anybody here play poker?


Well-Known Member
Dec 13, 2005
Hi guys,
Have to share this one if any of you play poker get yourself to http://www.ultimatebet.com/index.html?ubAffilID=4159 ive tried most sites available, but in terms of software the tournaments and nice players this is by far the best. If you have a look try playin the regular cash games that you can leave at any time...the amount of suckers there is unbelievable...im makin a fortune! If you do use this code and you'll get bonus cash when you make a deposit! code = KUT71ROJ Good luck guys hopefully see you at the tables!


No more triple bogies!!
Oct 31, 2005
Wait - I too want to go to a site posted by a guy who is looking for suckers.

That didn't come out quite right...


Well-Known Member
Jan 16, 2006
I saw the thread but realized what it was. I personnally don't like that site any ways. Bye hammy

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