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Anyone check out this new golf forum?



My dear friend Jeff H. got into a big fight with the founder of this forum a couple of years ago... They have since become friends, although they speak with each other now...

Every golf troll I know is over there, and I find that they are surprisingly well behaved. http://www.trollsongolf.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=2

It just takes a moment to sign up, and they play no headgames...

Besson could not handle that forum; they would each him for lunch, so he is not there... wise move.

I just signed up to greet my enemies and old friends.
Omeletpants is there.



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Aug 26, 2004
Only 2 visible discussion areas?

Hmmm......not very interesting, I'll link it anyway.


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Slingblade61 said:
Only 2 visible discussion areas?

Hmmm......not very interesting, I'll link it anyway.

Yeah, it is very old school... I just found that site filled with all the bastards that I started with about 5 years ago. You see, all of us have been banned from various forums from years ago, for no reason, or vague reasons...

The owner of the forum is SirHacksalot.

The master: you are in over your head there because you don't know how to speak English in America or Ireland. You better stay a bit lower than you have... they are like lions, and I can see they are setting you up for a killing...

TOG is kind of like DG on steroids... Doublegolf is a cockfest, but trollsongolf.com will kick most all asses... Damn, let a nerd like Sherm/Lobster try to get in there in a forum filled with lawyer/golfers... They would eat a boy like him for lunch...

At least I can handle my own in there. I have been tearing Styles a new azzhole, in the last couple of days, and he is a lawyer and has the highest post count there...

Hand me my gun, I am going back in...


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