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anyone else flip flop what swing they use weekly?


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May 6, 2007
I used to hit the ball ok with my normal swing.. then i read hogans book, tried it out... first shot went 275, next was a 210yrd 5 iron, then a 307yd drive... all nice draws, and very high. then all hell broke loose and i pull-hooked a lot.. then straightened it out a little but still pull-draws with good distance. however the swing off the tee was NASTY. went everywhere.

then i hit the ball decent again somehow.. then got the shanks. then i was toying around at the range and came up with a nice swing.. a few hours later i see this same swing in golf digest... the stack and tilt. i thought 'hmm thats odd i was jsut trying this today without even reading this!"

worked great at the range.. and i shot decent on the course with it.. but the irons just werent crisp the 2nd time around (they were fine the first time). so instead of tuning them up.. i switch BACK to the hogan style, with poor results. hmm go figure? so now im contemplating going back to the S/T idea i had going... but i cant repeat it again! argh.

so would u guys stay and try to work on a traditional swing or should i try to find my groove in the stack/tilt variation? im hitting 20% good shots, 50% playable and about 30% poor shots with either method right now.

my "normal" drives were about 250-270, with the hogan swing on a solid hit about 265-285, stack and tilt good swing about 270-290.. but those were with different balls too. the hogan adn the ST yielded similar distances but both are quite erratic. a bad hogan swing is a shank off the hosel that looks like a low pull. bad ST is a thin pull or a big slice. i dont even remember what my original swing was back in april.


Well-Known Member
Dec 30, 2006
i think stack and tilt has too much of body movement. the movement from a conventional swing (ie head moves to the right) is due to body coil, where as the stack and tilt swing you use reverse pivot which can lead to a fat shots.

this is just my opinion, and i like to keep my swing fluid and simple. but if it works for you, you should stay w/ it, and keep practicing.


gear head
Aug 10, 2006
Canada Canada
Lately I have been using a completely different swing about every 4 holes.


No more triple bogies!!
Oct 31, 2005
This is so "me" right now it's not even funny. The lessons I'm currently taking are geared towards a modern 2-pivot swing. "Left shoulder turns over right foot, club in front of body on takeaway, head moves to the right, re-route club to the inside, etc.

I've been having a really tough time sequencing that much movement.

Last week on the course I tried setting up a bit more open to the target line, swinging the club up and inside, and rotating around the center of my chest. I was crushing the ball dead straight. Definitely more of a "swinging in a barrel" feel than what I'm being taught. I think of it as a one-plane swing.

Can't wait for my next lesson, when I tell my instructor that I don't think I want to continue down the 2-pivot road anymore. Will he say, "thanks for paying, I can't help you any more". Or will it be, "OK, let's look at what you feel good doing and try to make it repetitive". I sure hope it's the latter.

$2 Nassau

Well-Known Member
Jun 4, 2007
Yup, that's me. Have grown quite tired of it actually. Just going back to swinging the club with as few swing thoughts in my head as possible.

Some great advice that I recently received...and it was not a "swing tip" of any kind (Thank God!!) is to try to hit a paticluar "shot" every time. I.E. a 3/4 swing knock-down, a fade, a draw, low shot, high shot.

Try it sometime, no matter what handicap you are. Especially with your irons when approaching greens. For irons, you basically step up to the shot with one thought in mind...."how do I get this shot on the green in the easy way possible."

If you are like me, you would typically step up to an iron shot, of course thinking about whatever "tour swing" that you have adapted for that week and saying to yourself "okay, perfect swing with a perfect strike on the ball creating the most beautiful penetrating ball flight and a perfect dollar bill size divot." Come on, if we could do that every shot and expected that every shot, we would be on tour right now, not typing on an internet message board.

Example, in my league the other night I surprised myself with a shot. I took this advice and it worked, and actually worked for the rest of my round as well (unfortunately the damage had been done to my score earlier in the round). My ball sat in the fairway on the 4th hole, right at the 150 marker. Pin was towards the front of the green so I had a little less than 150, but a pretty stiff headwind was blowing at me. Took a 7i, choked up a bit and had one thought...."keep this shot low." Hit a solid iron shot pin high about 15 feet right of the pin and 2-putted for par. It stayed low like I wanted, and was nice crisp contact. Felt great.

What did I do to hit that shot? No clue, and I don't really care, but I'm pretty sure I could do it again. I think I took a shorter swing and held off the finish. Had the wind been at my back, I would of probably took an 8i and swung to a high finish.

These are my swing thoughts for now on. I don't care what I look like, what my swing looks like, how pretty it is etc. Just results baby, just results!!


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004
To be totally honest, I cannot imagine changing my swing frequently. I would go from being quite average to perfectly horrid.

No matter which one you choose, commit to it and work like the devil to really ingrain it. If with the Hogan method you are hitting shanks, then there is something wrong with what you are doing (obviously) because nobody would argue that 'the shanks' are a reasonble byproduct of the Hogan Method that others have experienced widely.

If it were me, I would deeply commit to the time-honored and widely used Hogan method. Millions of golfer have bought his book and use his methods 50+ years after publication.

Unless you have extraordinary athletic ability (eye-hand coordination), changing week-to-week will surely lead you to golf madness...


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May 6, 2007
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surely has led to golf madness! im playing 9 today and i'm giving the stack and tilt another try... if its shows promise i'll stick with it .. if its another round of 48 its back to hogan for good. or so i say.


Supporting Member
Sep 23, 2004
I'm glad to see that I'm not the only one with two swings. My problem is a bit different though as my swings vary on whether or not there is a ball in front of me! I kid you not!!

At my last lesson my pro had me taking swings without a ball and my swing was damn near textbook (Hogan textbook that is). As soon as a ball was in front of me though my swing went into the crapper. I just can't stop anticipating the contact and I never do release the club; it's quite bizzarre really!

The difference was so marked that he wasn't using stock pro's swing footage in the split screen but rather my ball-less swing! It frustrated me actually because I pay good money to see a pro opposite me in the video lesson...:laugh:

Pa Jayhawk

Well-Known Member
Nov 15, 2005
United States United States
Seems like a matter of just thinking about it to much. Anytime I try and toy with my swing, it takes a long time to be comfortable with the feel of the swing. Usually becomes a matter of trying to toy with it to much. Even trying to concentrate on more than maybe one or two swing thoughts over the span of a month is usually not good on my game.

This morning was the first time I allowed swing thoughts to creep into my mind on the course in about 3 months, and I was rewarded with my worst round and the first time I did not break 100 in that timeframe.


After shooting a 43 and 41 on 9 my last two times out.


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May 6, 2007
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well i went out and played with the 'new' swing.. shot a 92 on a 74.0/139 course so thats a 14.6 index i think. better than my average and 3 strokes better than the best ive shot on that course... and this was with leaving about 6-8 strokes on the course thanks to awful putting and a water ball. i was also playing with some D2 Distance balls that i didnt like at all (much prefer the 'feel' version). the irons werent really dead on, i still missed near every green front back left right, but the misses were actually close and i could chip to within 6-8 feet... just couldn't sink a putt.

i still screwed up a few shots here and there but thats when i wasnt telling myself to tilt more and keep my left arm pinned in. overall the drives werent spectacular.. about 250-260 average on the front, but on the back i hit a couple 290s so that felt good. i think i'll try to tune in a little more and tweak it out to hit some more greens, i wasnt spraying them so i was happy.. and most of my drives were very playable and just off the fairway.

also... i really don tknow what the heck kind of swing im using. i tilt like the stack and tilt, but i feel like im following typical one plane swings ive read about.. are they pretty close to the same thing because i cant tell much of a differnce. i straighten my right leg, tilt down my left shoulder and go from there.. isnt that common to both? my head doesnt move much.


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Mar 20, 2005
My swing doesn't change,hasn't done for 6 months,its 'settled'.Minor things get worked on,thats it.Its crucial to good golf imo,being able to ignore the swing and focus on the target.I'm still shit on the greens though.