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Anyone use a push cart- Clicgear, Sun Mountain, opinions, reviews


Jan 2, 2008
I miss the beach. I lived in Ocean City, MD for 6 years and loved it. Now Im stuck in some terrible valley in PA. It feels like Im in Canada, no offense.


Well-Known Member
Sep 9, 2007
If anyone is still interested on opinions of pushcarts, I have a BagBoy EZ Fold-12 cart and really enjoy it. Sure it makes me look like an old duffer or a dad that cares more about his clubs than his kids... but I tell, I feel great at the end of 18. I used to be tired and my back hurt at the end of my round when I carried my bag... so I ended up riding a bunch more. Riding isn't my idea of a good time since I think it takes you away from the feel of the course. Now, after getting the BagBoy, I can get through 18 and feel just fine.

As for the car itself, I got it because I got a good deal on it. It folds up nice and flat and fits into the back of my Accord Coupe nicely. It's easy to set up and fold up. Its easy to clean and has many nice features. All in all, it was well worth the investment. To all the "be a man and carry your bags" people out there, I'll be happily swinging my clubs after your back has given out on you from carrying your clubs!

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