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Rules Nerd
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Mar 9, 2005
In the lost threads during the changeover, the post that mentioned the assclench has been lost. Or, I can't find it. One of the two.

I would like to thank whoever it was that suggested the assclench. I tried it at the range yesterday and hit just about everything dead straight. I didn't pick up the extra yardage others reported, but who needs extra yards with your short irons? I just need them to be consistently straight, and consistently gapped from each other.

I hit two buckets yesterday and striped everything. I had "found it."

So I sneak out for 9 this evening. 2 over 37. My previous best this year was 39. And I missed a 5 footer on 9.

The only spots I had trouble were on "extreme" ball below my feet and ball above my feet in the rough. Basically, lies you are just trying to make GO. With the "clench" I think I stood up too straight and botched both of the shots that I had in that situation. So for this weekend, I won't "clench" when put in those extreme circumstances, but for everything else, I'm tight-assin' it.

Thanks so much for my renewed vigor toward this silly game!


Well-Known Member
Aug 27, 2004

It works!! I started with this a year ago and it lead to the best golf of my life...over the winter - I got away from it and my game suffered.

The assclench is foremost in my mind as I play now. It cures all kinds of ills. I am hitting the crap out of it when I "clench" it before hitting my shot.

(Incidently, this is a Steve Elkington concept from his book - so despite the dumb name - a great swinger describes it in his work).


Rules Nerd
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Mar 9, 2005
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Same thing here.

I call my pal last night that I'm playing with in a two-man thing this weekend to tell him I found it.

I tell him, "One word, Assclench."

He replies back, "Dude, you told me about that like 3 years ago."

I was shocked. I guess, just like you, I had gotten away from it also.

I think it works because it keeps your lower body so restricted. If you make the same shoulder turn, there's your extra torque. Plus there are less things moving. Less moving parts, easier to time the parts that are moving. Simple.

All I really know is that it works and I'm ready to post something WELL over my quota this week. My handicap has slipped from a 5 at the beginning of our season on April 15 to a 9 with the update this week. Not good. Time to start getting that moving back the other way.

I'm playing 4 rounds this weekend (2 Sat. 1 Sun, 1 Mon) and played 9 holes tonight. A binge like that is just what the doctor ordered to make the "clench" a standardized part of my setup and swing.

And just think how round and firm my ass will be by Tuesday! I may have to buy some tight-fitting shorts to show it off for the ladies.;) :wow:

The master

Oct 24, 2004
The ass clench is the biggest load of bull crap in the world htf would that help your swing and to hit more pure shots you are just tensing up under the pressure it will be bad in the long run.

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