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Awoken, just now active. The personal findings of a lazy bear.


They Like it When I Wag
Jun 24, 2008
Charlotte, NC
Well, until yesterday I had played once in the last 3 or 4 months. Even that last time was a 2 hole playoff victory over SUX in a round where we both might have been closer to nailing a 6-point deer than the flagstick.

As one would expect, I've been anxious about the reboot of high school golf in North Carolina. The bag is pretty much set, and I regard my clubs as little more than the tools needed to get a golf ball into the hole a little faster than various gardening tools.

Upon getting out for 9 yesterday, I'm psyched. Last year, I was ready for golf season, but not ready to play. My head is completely in it this time around.

I'm developing a sense of focus that will make my playing partners wonder what the hell I'm thinking and doing. Crouching behind a ball lying in the middle of the fairway and staring at it would even seem odd to me if I were looking at someone else do it.

But in the great amount of time I, being a fair-weather golfer, had in the winter, I realized the thing that we all already know: the head makes or breaks golf.

Then I thought about how to fix it. We all have heard "visualize the shot." I've tried it. Turns out, all I ever see are a bunch of lines criss-crossing in the sky and leading in every direction, none of which end well.

What makes a ball fly well? A good swing. So I tried visualizing the swing instead. Crouching behind the ball and staring at it removes my focus on everything else around me, and allows me to picture the club going back and through in the ideal 80 degree, non-humid world inside my head.

I stopped even taking practice swings at times. Just crouch, picture, stand and swing. I even want my ONLY swing thought to be either "Vijay" or "finish the swing," to ensure I stay loose and focused on the task at hand.

I'm stoked.

I'll keep you posted, fellow Shottalkers! :thumbs up:

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