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Back from Pinehurst


Well-Known Member
Mar 19, 2005
Well I was in Pinehurst for the Easter vacation and had a chance to play a couple courses. I played Little River Farm which is about $50 and was in decent condition although it has been in better.

I also played MId-South which use to be the The Plantation but has changed names since being bought by Talamore. This is a must play course it was $95 but well worth every penny. Conditon was beautiful and course setup was excellent, lots of fun.

I also got to use my new 2-Ball Blade which rocked, I was putting about 40% better with this club than my ole 2-Ball DFX putter.


I don't have a handicap.
Dec 5, 2004
I just recently got a White Steel 2-Ball Blade as well - I f'in LOVE it.

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