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back in the groove


Well-Known Member
Nov 18, 2005
well after a 8 year lay off i have decided to get back into the game i once loved,i was at a wedding a few weeks ago and all the guys went to the range before the procedings so i thought i might try my luck, i hired a very average left handed club and set up on the grass as they had no left handed mats, life for the lefty still has no changed :)... i was shocked as the ball felt like butter on many shots, flight was nice and many of the guys commented on my swing/stance....

so im after some advice on which clubs to get, i have used blades before but that was when i was playing 4/5 times a week... i have been looking at the cobras and mcgregor, but i have found that not all models come in LH... are there any brands which put more effort into left handed development ? ... also i would go to the pro shops to try out but where im from the left handed area of the proshop is very small with very average clubs...

thanx for ur help